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Diamondbacks Top Prospect #27: LHP Cody Reed

Name: Cody Reed

DOB: 6/7/1996 (Age 22)

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 245

Acquired: 2nd Round Pick, 2014 MLB Draft

Position: Starter

Most Notable Tool: Low 80s slider

Season Stats: DNP, Elbow Injury

2018 Season Summary: Reed missed most of the 2018 season with an undisclosed elbow injury. The last couple seasons, the fastball velocity backed up to the upper 80s which may be a sign of an arm injury. After working to rebuild his body to be more physically fit, he’s had troubles progressing through the system. 2018 presented another setback and I have no idea if he ended up needing Tommy John surgery, although we’d already know if he did.

Tools: Fastball 45/45, Slider 55/55, Curveball 45/50, Change-Up 45/50, Command 45/50

Reed tools suggest either a #5 starter or reliever profile although given the recent arm injury, even that is somewhat of a stretch. As a reliever, he’d be mostly fastball/slider with the occasional curve as a change of pace vs. LHH.

Upside: If Reed can put the elbow injury behind him and continue to refine the change-up, his ceiling is a #4/5 starter. If the change-up does not develop, he’s probably a reliever and a situational one at best. The elbow injury may convince the organization to develop him as a reliever where the fastball and slider should play up.

Risk: The issue here is whether or not there is enough upside to keep Reed around in the next 2-3 years before he’s MLB ready. The team already has a player with a similar issue in Alex Young, who managed to get into AAA before the team pulled the plug on him as a starter last season. There’s also a good chance he gets pulled from the system in the Rule 5 Draft on a non-contending club although I don’t see it as a serious loss.

Likely 2019 Assignment: The first priority will be to ensure that Reed’s arm is healthy at this point. I expect the organization to send him to Visalia to start the season before promoting him to Jackson with good health and performance.

ETA: 2022 Season