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Arizona Diamondbacks named Wilson Defensive Team of the Year

So that’s nice... Zack Greinke also followed up his Gold Glove with the award for best fielding pitcher.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jason Wise/Getty Images

Wilson, The Official Ball Glove of Major League Baseball, announced the 2018 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards tonight in a special telecast on MLB Network hosted by Robert Flores and Eric Byrnes. Winners, both individual positions and the team award, are determined using a formula that combines traditional defensive stats with advanced metrics, as well as the data logged by the baseball experts working for the scouting service Inside Edge. There is only one award at each position across both leagues - here are the 2018 winners.

  • Catcher - Mike Zunino, Mariners (1st award)
  • 1B - Freddie Freeman, Braves (1st)
  • 2B - DJ LeMahieu, Rockies (3rd - ‘13, ’17, ‘18)
  • 3B - Matt Chapman, Athletics (1st)
  • SS - Andrelton Simmons, Angels (5th - ’13, ’14, ’15, ’17, ‘18)
  • LF - Alex Gordon, Royals (3rd - ’14, ’17, ’18)
  • CF - Kevin Kiermaier, Rays (2nd - ’16, ’18)
  • RF - Mookie Betts, Red Sox (2nd - ’16, ’18)
  • P - Zack Greinke, Diamondbacks (2nd - ’16, ’18)
  • Player of Year - Matt Chapman, Athletics (1st)
  • Defensive Team of the Year - Arizona Diamondbacks (2nd - ’15, ’18)

The Oakland Athletics’ 25-year-old third baseman Matt Chapman is one of four first-time winners and the overall Wilson Defensive Player of the Year. The Angels’ Andrelton Simmons continued his dominance as MLB’s leading defender at shortstop, winning a fifth award over the last six seasons. The Rockies’ DJ LeMahieu earned honors as baseball’s best defender at second base for a third time. Meanwhile, the Arizona Diamondbacks are MLB’s Defensive Team of the Year for the second time in four seasons.