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2018 Diamondbacks Reviews: #41, Jake Diekman

The forgettable.

That’s the guy.
  • 2018 RATING: 3.08
  • 2017 RATING: N/A
  • 2018 SALARY: $2,712,500
  • 2018 PERFORMANCE: 0-1, 7.53 ERA, 25 G, 14.1 IP, 18 H, 15 R, 2 HR, 8 BB, 18 SO.

Jake Diekman is no stranger to MLB having pitched 7 total seasons in the bigs splitting most of his time with the Philadelphia Phillies and the Texas Rangers before being traded to the Diamondbacks on July 31st 2018. The only memorable moment of this trade was watching Diekman getting picked up in the bullpen cart, being driven by Baxter, from the visitors locker room over to his new temporary-home, the Dbacks clubhouse. The Dbacks were hosting the Rangers the same day Jake Diekman was obtained, though Jake himself did not pitch that game.

On July 31st 2018 the Dbacks were sitting pretty at 60-49 and had just shut out the Texas Rangers at Chase field. Sensing the need for more pitching Hazen pulled the string and sent Wei-Chieh Huang (minors) and Joshua Javier (minors) on a bus to Texas in exchange for LHP Jake Diekman. The decision to send JDLR to the Tree of Woe earlier in the season, coupled with an injured TJ McFarland, made it easy to justify the trade at the time.

Diekman’s two months with the Dbacks were pretty awful, having statistically given up a run every inning he pitched. Diekman wasn't to golden with the glove either and committed two defensive errors in just 14.1 IP. After he blew up Grienke’s start on August 7th Diekman had this to say, “He (Cesar Hernandez) bunted, I threw the ball down the line, It’s never a good way to start the inning when you throw the ball down the line. My job there is to throw a scoreless inning and give our team a chance.” That marked Diekman’s fourth appearance with the club after being acquired at the July 31 trade deadline. Over that span, Diekman allowed four walks and three runs while recording only six outs.

Diekman wasn’t always bad during his time with the Dbacks, I just find it difficult to remember even the tiniest bit of good Diekman may have displayed. With that I had to do some searching and I will quote Steven Burt from his recap on September 6th, “The bullpen came on and did it’s job, with Jake Diekman and Brad Ziegler not allowing a run with the bases loaded.”

For me the acquisition of Diekman marked the beginning of the Dback’s late season bullpen implosion. Along with like half of the other relievers, Jake became just another broken and ineffective tool in Torey’s toolbox. Diekman became a free agent on October 29th and is 31 years old. I’ve read a few teams may or may not be interested in signing him this off-season as a setup man, but one of those teams ain’t the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Thank Goldy.