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Monday Memes: Gold Glove Edition.

For you meet them with rich blessings; you set gloves of fine gold upon their hands.

Thicc Gloves

Searching the reddits and the googles this morning turned out to be fruitless. I had to get creative and turn out a few captioned memes, and I hope you guys will help me quench my meme thirst by making some GOLD GLOVE MEMES!

As you are well aware, Slick Nick Ahmed has won his 1st Gold Glove and Zack “Literally Zack Greinke” Geinke has won his 5th Gold Glove in a row. Cheers boys.

Now let’s make some memes with some pictures I found on the internet.

Turambar’s famous IPA walk.
Molina won a gg too...
A true talent
That grin tho...
Did he go cross-eyed?
Maybe one day I won’t fail. Maybe one day I will be good enough....

And now friends, here is your chance to make a Gold Glove meme.