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SnakeBytes, 11/23: Coma Chameleon


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Chinese Shoppers Make The Most Of IKEA’s Open Bed Policy Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, a quiet couple of days, as everyone engages in Thanksgiving traditions like eating far too much and arguing with your family about politics. Probably be quiet today as well, with it being Black Friday, but here’s a generic place to chat about stuff.

Team news

[The Athletic] Diamondbacks writer Zach Buchanan answers your questions - What is the real plan for the 2019 team? Broadly, it’s to try to thread the needle of lowering payroll a bit -- last year was a club record -- improving the roster and not sacrificing the team’s prospect depth in the process. If it seems impossible, that’s because it probably is. Until they make a significant move, it’ll be hard to judge how they’re going to go about accomplishing it.

[MLB] Here are 5 blockbuster trades worth making
Astros get: Zack Greinke, RHP; Paul Goldschmidt, 1B; $29.5M
D-backs get: AJ Reed, 1B; Cionel Perez, LHP; Corbin Martin, RHP
The D-backs are turning Greinke's remaining contract into a three-year, $75 million deal (i.e. the Jake Arrieta deal from a year ago) and getting back two potential starters (Perez and Martin are both among the Astros' top 10 prospects) and a Goldschmidt replacement while still obtaining serious salary relief. That changes the value equation for the Astros, who could use Greinke's veteran savvy both to replace the absent innings and impact of Dallas Keuchel and to brace themselves for the approaching free agencies of Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole. And they get one year of Goldschmidt, who allows Yuli Gurriel to serve more of a roving role while amping up the Astros' production.

[FanSided] Atlanta Braves: Hey Diamondbacks, can you help us? - There is no doubt the Braves and the Diamondbacks match up in the outfield, in the bullpen, and, to a lesser extent, the rotation. The price will be the big thing that determines how feasible any of these deals truly are, as a bidding war could drive the price for any of these players beyond what the Braves are comfortable paying in trade.

[MLB Trade Rumors] Diamondbacks Sign Rob Refsnyder To Minors Deal - He has hit well at the minor league level but failed to carry that success over across 423 career MLB plate appearances with the Rays, Blue Jays and Yankees from 2015-18. Refsnyder was once seen as a potential second baseman of the future for New York, though he spent time at second base, first base, both corner outfield slots, and even one inning at third base over his big league career. This versatility will give him a shot at winning a bench job with the D’Backs this spring, especially if Daniel Descalso leaves Arizona for another team in free agency.

[MLB] D-backs thrive in community during holidays - When it comes to off-the-field endeavors, there is no better time of year than the holidays for the D-backs organization. “All the funds that we raise, this is the time of year that we get to see them in action, and it’s pretty overwhelming,” said Debbie Castaldo, the D-backs’ vice president of corporate and community impact.

And, elsewhere...

[MLB] 30 intriguing Rule 5 prospects -- 1 for each team - Alex Young, LHP, D-backs No. 22. Perhaps Arizona’s No. 7 prospect, Marcus Wilson, is the more exciting name, but Young has a better chance to be selected. The southpaw spent most of 2018 in Triple-A, though he struggled there. He doesn’t necessarily have the splits to be a lefty specialist, but Young has proven to be durable, and he could fill a back-end rotation spot or serve as a swingman.

[ESPN] Why Mariano Rivera could be Cooperstown's first unanimous Hall of Famer - Jackie Robinson is among the most important figures in our nation's history because of the change signaled by his Major League Baseball career, and yet he didn't come close to gaining unanimous election to the Baseball Hall of Fame the year he was voted in. He was left off of 36 of 160 ballots. Willie Mays was somehow left off of 23 of 432 ballots. Hank Aaron retired as the all-time home run king, and he was omitted from nine of 415 ballots. But it appears that former New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera has a legitimate shot.