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2018 Arizona Diamondbacks Reviews:#29, Socrates Brito.

What a name, but can he play?


2018 RATING: 3.90

2017 RATING: N/A

2018 SALARY: $508,500

2018 PERFORMANCE: 40 AB, 3 R, 7 H, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 3 BB, 9 SO, .175 BA, .477 OPS

2019 STATUS: Pre Arbitration Eligible.

First and foremost I would like to say that Socrates Brito has the greatest name in modern baseball. But does greatness in name equal greatness in the Majors? No, there is no scientific or statistical connection at all.

Having spent all of 2017 in the minors, Socrates was finally (again) given a shot in May of 2018 to make his mark and prove he deserves a spot on the roster. Brito was called up to replace an injured (again) Steven Souza Jr. Playing in 8 games May 23rd - June 2nd, Brito never had much time to get loose and on June 4th Socrates was optioned back to Reno. Brito was more or less used to fill Souza’s spot until the Dbacks traded for Jon Jay on June 6th.

Brito would get a September call-up but it was mostly for depth and not necessarily to see “if the kid’s got it”. However, his best performance of 2018 would come in September against the Dodger scum when Brito launched his 1st dong since 2016 in a Dbacks 7-2 win over the Dodger evil.

Overall, Socrates Brito’s 2018 offensive production was less than mediocre, when it came to the big bat Brito would not produce a multi-hit game and never put on a real show of power. Defensively, Brito played 3 games in LF, 1 in CF, and 11 in RF. His fielding was on par with any other average outfielder, though I will note he committed ZERO errors.

What can we expect from Socrates in 2019? I am positive we will see him for most of Spring Training as he could be an internal option for our 2019 outfield. The 26 year old usually produces good numbers in Reno, but when called upon by the Dbacks he slumps. Could be that Brito will never be more than a good minor league, or an 8 game special relief temporary assistant replacement outfielder called-up when a regular starter gets hurt. Only more playing time will tell.