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Snake Bytes, 11/16: MVP! MVP!

Mookie Betts and Christian Yelich were the winners of the top award in the AL and NL respectively.

League Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Seven Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Team news

[] Hazen faces multilayered paths for 2019 - The best way to envision what D-backs general manager Mike Hazen and his staff are facing this offseason is to picture a room filled with different sets of domino chains. There are multiple starting points for the dominoes, and whichever one Hazen tips over first is going to set in motion a series of moves that will take the D-backs in one direction or another. “That’s fair,” Hazen said of the domino comparison. “And I think that’s what complicates it a little bit, to make sure that we’re understanding what we’re doing before we do something. What’s the return for that and what does that do to our roster?”

And, perhaps, the first domino falls...

[Lone Star Ball] Texas Rangers, Jeff Mathis agree to two year deal, per report - Saying that Mathis can’t hit is an understatement — he’s a historically bad hitter, putting up a career .198/.258/.306 slash line in his career. However, he’s considered a top-notch defensive catcher, and the Rangers have indicated that they wanted someone more defense-oriented than Robinson Chirinos, whose 2019 option they declined. Mathis will presumably be a backup and one has to think that the Rangers may have an eye on him mentoring Isiah Kiner-Falefa and working with the young pitchers the team is trying to develop.

As I mentioned on Twitter, clearly the next step is to trade Zack Greinke to Texas, so he canb be re-united with his personal catcher...

[Fansided] Colorado Rockies: Let’s stop with the Paul Goldschmidt rumors - Would Colorado be willing to send some of its top prospects to a division rival for what could essentially be a one-year rental? It goes against everything that Colorado general manager Jeff Bridich has done during his tenure running the club. If the Rockies don’t seem to be one of the front-runners to land Miami catcher J.T. Realmuto through a trade, it’s very unlikely Colorado would deal with its National League West foe for what could be a one-year return.

[Pitcher List] Going Deep: What’s Happening in Arizona? – - I decided to look at some of the other pitchers in Arizona to see if their hard contact rates were high, too. Zack Godley’s? 38.4%. Clay Buchholz’s? 38.1%. Robbie Ray’s? 44.4%. Those rates feel abnormally elevated, but are they? Of qualified pitchers, Corbin ranked second overall in hard contact rate, Greinke was fourth, Godley tenth, and, if they qualified, Ray would have been first and Buchholz twelfth. It’s no surprise, then, that as a whole, Arizona’s pitching staff had the highest hard contact mark in the league. Is this anomalous, or par for the course for Diamondbacks pitchers?

Discussed a bit yesterday, but certainly worth further conversation:

[If you’ve heard of any of the above... you’re a better baseball fan than I!]

And, elsewhere...

[MLB] Everything you need to know about the MVP in one infographic - The MVP Awards will be announced later today, and this year’s winners will be joining an elite group. How good are the players who usually win MVP? Where are they from? What position do they play? What teams are they on? Let’s answer some of those questions. The award has been around in various forms for a long time, so we have a lot of data to work with.

[Variety] Fox, Major League Baseball Extend Rights Pact - The current pact between Fox and the league was valued at approximately $525 million per year. The fees are believed to increase by 30% early on and by as much as 50% later in the term of the contract, according to people familiar with the matter. The cost of the overall package could come to as much as $5.1 billion, one of these people said, with the annual fee possibly increasing to $675 million early in the deal and more over the term of the contract.

So much for the “baseball on TV is dead at the national level” narrative...