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Patrick Corbin 5th in National League Cy Young race

A more than credible showing, behind winner Jacob deGrom

Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The DiamondbacksPatrick Corbin may not have appeared in the top three of anyone’s ballot this season, but was still mentioned on the majority of submissions. He tallied seven fourth-place votes and nine fifth-place votes, giving him a total of 23 points, good enough for fifth place overall in the 2018 National League Cy Young voting. Ahead of Corbin were Jacob deGrom of the Mets (207 points), Max Scherzer of the Nationals (123), Kyle Nola of the Phillies (86) and Kyle Freeland of the Rockies (49). deGrom was one vote from being a unanimous pick, missing out due to John Maffei of the San Diego Union-Tribune putting him behind Scherzer.

deGrom only had 10 wins to his name, the lowest ever for a Cy Young award-winner over a full season. But his startlingly good 1.70 ERA was enough to win over the voters. Shame these same people weren’t around in 2004, when Randy Johnson led the league in both bWAR and ERA+, but finished second to Roger Clemens, because the Big Unit won “only” 16 games - almost one-third of the D-backs entire tally that year (51). You were just ahead of your time, Randy... But anyway, hard to argue with deGrom, who was similarly dominant on a very bad Mets’ team. Though unusually, none of the final three candidates this year played on teams who made the playoffs.

Corbin’s finish follows up on Zack Greinke’s fourth-place finish, with 53 points, last season. That was the first time an Arizona pitcher had finished in the top five since Ian Kennedy in 2011. Corbin and Greinke mark the first time the D-backs have had top five finishers in consecutive seasons since Brandon Webb (second) and Dan Haren (fifth) in 2008-09. Below are the full results of this year’s ballot.