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Monday Memes: Crimson Chin edition

Bryce Harper is going to land a huge contract. Let’s roast him.

That’s the guy.

Recent rumors suggest that Bryce Harper turned down a 10 yr $300 million dollar dealio with The Washington Nationals in pursuit of a greater $ amount and special clauses. Some speculate that Bryce Harper may get something more like $350 million plus. Aside from all the free agency talk, I present you two reasons for the season to roast Bryce Harper. See below for more information and May-May’s.

Reason #1 to roast this guy.
Reason # 2 to roast this guy.

Friends, if those two examples were not enough to convince you to roast this guy then you may need to seek treatment. Now, let us roast Bryce “The Crimson Chin” Harper. This week’s winner gets a set of TV-trays and a Coscto size box of frozen pot-stickers.

Friends let us never forget the time that Papelbon choked the crap out of Harper.

Look at Papelbon’s massive choking forearm. It’s Goldy-like.

The bro himself.
Baby don’t hurt me, no more.