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Monday Memes: 2018 M(eme)VPs

Time to anoint this season’s winner(s).

We need a name for our Dbacks memes. Like how in The Office, Michael Scott calls his awards the “Dundees”. What would be the “Dundees” equivalent for the Diamondbacks? I am not clever enough to come up with my own so I come to you!

Time for this year’s 2018 Arizona Diamondbacks Monday Memes awards! (God, this title sucks)

Meme of the Year (Photo): Arizona Avengers - chronicles_of_the_desert

This is the meme that shocked the world, both in absolute pure quality and the fact that it came from chronicles_of_the_desert, a relatively unknown poster at the Snakepit that only has three total comments posted at the time of this writing.

It doesn’t matter if you have zero posts (not sure how that would work...) or literally infinity (AzDbackfanInDc), if you make an absolutely amazing meme like this, you’re gonna win the award.

So please extend a hand for chronicles_of_the_desert on winning the award for Meme of the Year, photo edition! And let them be an inspiration for creative content for anyone that would like to contribute!

Meme of the Year (Video): Jim finds out AzDbacksfaninDc is shit posting - edbigghead

At the mid-season, I gave the M(eme)VP to rekameohs for their amazing work on a variety of Dbacks gifs, including the celebratory “Diamondbacks Win” set to the scene from Dodgeball. This must have encouraged edbigghead to step up his game with this truly amazing masterpiece of a video (as long as the subtitles work). rekameohs has fantastic work and I hope they keep it up in future season, but this year, the Meme of the Year, Video Edition, was edged out by edbigghead.

M(eme)VPs - AzDbackfanInDc, david.munter, DBacksEurope, edbigghead

In all honesty, it was absolutely impossible to pick between these four so I am taking the easy way out and picking all of them to be this year’s M(eme)VPs. Frankly, they deserve it as they were in here every single week, posting multiple memes and responding to other memes. And not only that, but they sometimes or oftentimes made their own memes, too.

Maybe next year’s Monday Meme’s organizer will have more awards (hopefully!!) and be more stringent in their voting criteria. But as of now, I am lazy and lack any sort of creative ability, so I have picked these four truly deserving candidates and I am sticking to it.

Everyone please congratulate AzDbackfanInDc, david.munter, DBacksEurope, and edbigghead for winning the 2018 M(eme)VP award!

Don’t forget to add this to your signature and resumé.