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Sunday Sporcle: The 2018 Diamondbacks

The season has been over for a week. But who have you already forgotten?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

If you are a regular participant on this site, you should ace this, because you will have taken our “Rate the 2018 Diamondbacks” survey, and so will already be aware of the 49 men who appeared for Arizona this season. You could cheat and use that article to come up with the names, but really - where’s the fun in that?

The list is in two parts, first the hitters, then the pitchers. Each section is in descending order of plate appearances and innings pitched respectively: I didn’t re-include the position players who pitched in the pitching section. Last names only are needed, so one name will score you two points, at no extra effort. Some mobile users may find this link preferable.

As usual, post your scores in the comment section, and you can use the spoiler tags there to talk about the players on the 2018 Diamondbacks who have already entered the garbage disposal of your memory!