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Rate the 2018 Arizona Diamondbacks

Use a number 3 pencil, please, and stay within the boxes.

Re-trained Michigan Workers Attend Detroit Job Fair Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

We’ll be going through a full off-season review for each of the 49 people who appeared in a Diamondbacks uniform this year. The order will be determined by the average score from our end of year survey, which is below. Once collated - we’ll give you a week or so to write up your answers - we’ll begin with the lowest-ranked Diamondback and work our way up to the #1 for the season. [At this point, please take a couple of moments to pity in advance the poor SnakePit writer who has to come up with an in-depth article about the likes of Troy Scribner or Chris Stewart... Crap. It’ll probably be me.]

The form is below, with the players listed in random order to counter form fatigue. We will be monitoring results for attempts to skew the results, whether by Russian troll farms or Dodgers fans, and reserve the right to dump ballots that do not appear to be authentic. Trust me, we will know. Oh, yes: WE WILL KNOW... Readers on mobile might find this link to the form better for their device. Don’t overthink it. If you’re spending your time agonizing over whether Deven Marrero should be an 8 or a 9, you’re doing it wrong. :)