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Snake Bytes 10/4: Oh, it’s on now!

The postseason rolls on with both National League Division Series starting today.

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It’s time.

AL WC recap:

Yankees beat A’s in AL Wild Card game.

The AL Wild Card game was a David and Goliath match up from the very beginning and the A’s never had a chance. Bob Melvin chose Liam Hendricks, a relief pitcher, to start the winner take all elimination game vs The New York Yankees in Yankee Stadium vs Luis Severino.

D-backs News:

Hazen: Over next month D-backs will lay out future one question at a time.

Doug and Wolf asking the tough questions in this 10 min interview with D-back’s GM Mike Hazen.

Today’s NLDS game 1’s:

Rockies vs. Brewers NLDS preview.

Both of these teams are coming in to the NLDS smoking HOT! The Brewers clinched the NL Central in Wrigley after beating the Cubs 3-1. The Rockies then embarrassed the Cubs the following day in Wrigley by winning the NL Wild Card game and holding the Cubs to just 1 run. This pleases me. I will be rooting for both of these team (Braun can F off though).

Rockies vs Brewers 2:07 p.m. on FS1 or MLB at bat radio.

Braves vs. Dodger scum NLDS preview.

Today, we are all Atlanta Braves fans. We stand in solidarity with our brothers from the South. We shall support every effort by the Atlanta Braves to crush, demoralize, and defeat the Dodgers. Go Braves!

Braves vs. Dodger evil 5:37 p.m. on MLBN or MLB at bat radio.

Around Baseball:

Addison Russell suspended for 40 games.

On Sept. 21, MLB placed Russell on administrative leave after allegations of domestic violence resurfaced in a blog post by his former wife.

The physics of throwing a perfect pitch.

Trevor Bauer and some other physicists school us all on the science of pitching. But when does the mix-tape drop?

Off topic snake news:

Male cobras eat each other shockingly often.

“five of the six species were seen eating their own kind. Cape cobras were particularly cannibalistic...”