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Playoff Open Thread: NLDS Game 1

The 90s!

NLDS Game 1
Rockies at Brewers
Antonio Senzatela (6-6, 4.38 ERA) vs. Brandon Woodruff (3-0, 3.61 ERA)
2:00 PM Mountain Standard Time, Fox Sports 1

This game is going to be... interesting. The Rockies, after having to throw out two of their better starters on Monday and Tuesday are going with their consensus 6th or so best starter to start an important playoff game. The Brewers see this and say “Hold my beer!” (They always have beer, they’re the Brewers.) and decide to have a bullpen game. Considering the relative strengths of their bullpen and starting rotation, it makes some sense. Of course, considering the relative strengths of their bullpen and starting rotation, one might want to save the bullpen when you can cause pitchers do get tired and lose effectiveness. But what do I know, I got a theater degree from a state school and not some fancy Ivy League wunderkind who MLB GMs seem to hire based on their sweater collection.

NLDS Game 1
Braves at Dodgers
Mike Foltynewicz (13-10, 2.85 ERA) vs. Hyun-Jin Ryu (7-3, 1.97 ERA)
5:30 PM Mountain Standard Time, MLB Network

The Braves and the Diamondbacks have made a few trades in the last five years or so. You’ve probably heard about them. It’s hard to evaluate trades years later, because there are both short and long-term views to consider. You also have to consider which General Manager involved was eventually dismissed for performance, and which was banned for life for international signing violations. Things to consider