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Monday Memes: Nice swing, bro.

This meme’s for you.

Manny Muchado saw a mouse.

We all know by now the good news. Boston defeated the Dodgers last night to WIN the 2018 World Series and also free our lands, at least for the time bring, of Dodger trolls and scum.

I hear-by declare Manny Muchado to be the LVP of the World Series. Let us roast him and the rest of the Dodgers here and now, in Monday Memes. I will start with the memes I scraped from Reddit last night. I will also leave a couple of blank pictures for you to create your own memes, bro.

Choke on it.
Actually, just stfu and gtfo
Where my Tahoe parked at?
No, you!
Roasted. Also, FSF!

Here are some blanks for your meme pleasures. The most rec’d meme below will win the poster a $10 scratcher than I won $2’s on (must be redeemed by Wed).

And now my dogs of .WAR!