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Monday Memes: Boston Baked Memes

Bake your own damn meme.

In this week’s Monday memes we will focus our firepower on the Boston Redsox. Hate ‘em or love ‘em we are gonna meme ‘em right here and now. I will get the party started and even leave a few blank pics behind for you to create your own meme or if you’d like, ignore my picture offerings and find your own, bro.

For those who want me make a meme but don’t know how, I am here to guide you. Making memes is simple if you use Imgflip-meme generator. or similar meme machine.

Simply visit the website.

Upload an image.

Add top text and bottom text.



Now you are a supreme memelord.

We go in, we kill.
Meanwhile Yankees hat is worn at games the Yankees are not playing in...hurrr
FTD word is born.
After this Brady would like to speak with the Manager
Come back to me J.D. please let me love you.
I mean pig’s blood

As promised here are some blank images for you to make your own meme with. Who’ms’t’ever gets the most recs will win a a Salisbury Steak T.V. dinner and 16oz can of Mike’s Harder Lemonade.

Meme away, bros.
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Last one.

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