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Snake Bytes 10/11: When will I see you again?

When will my heart beat again?


Corbin’s a future Yankee? Greinke traded for young talent/salary dump? Goldy cast away (traded) in his prime? The recent news of a potential D-backs rebuild has me missing my homies already. Not sure there will be enough liquor to “pour out”.

And now the news.

D-back’s news:

Are Robbie Ray and Zack Greinke potential fits for White Sox?


Speculative article based on the past day or two news of “D-backs willing to trade EVERYONE!” hype. What kills me is that the vultures have already begun to circle.

Greinke? Corbin? Arrenado? Which one will be a Yankee next season?

*Shakes magic 8-ball.......

His excellency, Lord Goldschmidt better option for Cardinals than Machado or Harper?

Hallowed be thy name.

F-off Cardinals and get your own GOD! What, is Molina not good enough for you? Does Molina know you are thinking of converting? I hope Molina finds out about your trespasses against him and he reigns down a 7 day plague of mascara on your fields, homes, and community!

Around MLB:

MLB wants it’s cut of sports betting.

Kenny Gersh is the league’s executive vice president of gaming. He says a proposed 0.25 percent fee is essentially a royalty that casino companies should pay if they are going to make money off of the sport.

Who bets on baseball? Oh, wait......

Angel Hernandez out for remainder of postseason? Maybe.

Joe Buck’s vanishing twin.

“I need to say this,” Sabathia told reporters at Yankee Stadium after New York’s 4-3 loss to the Red Sox in Game 4. “I don’t think Angel Hernandez should be umping playoff games. He’s absolutely terrible. He was terrible behind the plate today. He was terrible at first base. It’s amazing how he’s getting a job umpiring in these playoff games.”

Later, when asked if Hernandez had been inconsistent Tuesday night, Sabathia added, “Always. He’s bad. I don’t understand why he’s doing these games.”

Off topic snake story:

Snake catcher survives python strangulation in ‘freak accident’

“If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of the people I was catching the snake for I wouldn’t be alive to tell my story.”

Aftermath picture in link. I can only wish this on my worst enemy, Puig.