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Pit Your Wits ‘17: Week 20

This is the “Dang I got home late from Snakepit Fest, let’s see how fast we can knock this out” Edition

2017 US Open Tennis Championships - Day 12 Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Last week, I asked you to come up with a better marketing campaign than “Fight for the Postseason”, and you all came up with some great responses. At the top of the podium, however, is a beloved regular, with a promotion that is right up his alley...

All You Can Drink Section

I love you Frayed, Crewie, Kissy, and CoCo. I miss you kitties. I love you forever. Love you Zeke my pitbull.

Posted by AzDbackfanInDc on Sep 2, 2017 | 3:32 PM reply rec (7)

In second, DbacKid!

We don't suck this year! Don’t believe us…Come see for yourself!

We allowed one whole run! Season over.

Posted by DbacKid on Sep 2, 2017 | 4:31 PM reply rec (6)

And in third place, we find Keegan!

Push for October- "Please attend so we can make Goldy a lifer"

Pro Tip- "When Paul Goldschmidt drops his bat in disgust, your strike zone is garbage."

Posted by Keegan Thompson on Sep 2, 2017 | 12:22 PM reply rec (5)

Keegan Thompson-21

Okay, so I wish I could remember who posted this originally, but someone, in a GDT I believe, posted a satirical MLB rule that explained why our streak was actually better than the Indians’ streak. I thought it was really clever and funny, so this week, I want you to come up with your own, new rule for MLB to adopt * BONUS * if you do it in the format of the actual rule book and place in the top three, I’ll give you two extra points. GO!