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Snake Bytes 9/4: Decimating the NL West

The D-backs finish off their sweep in Denver. On to LA to hopefully dish out some more punishment.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies Photo by Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 1

Another solid starting pitching effort by a rotation that seems to just get better as the season progresses. Godley did issue 6 walks, but part of it was a curveball so good that the umpire didn’t realize it was being thrown for strikes at times. The injured middle infield is still getting production, this time homers by Marte and Drury. The Brewers keep winning and the Rockies keep losing. For some time, D-backs fans were worried that it would be our team to collapse. Turns out it appears to be the Rockies. The D-backs rotation is just too good to allow it to happen this year.

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Godley Caps Arizona Starters’ Epic Set at Coors

It is unreal that D-backs starters did not give up more than 3 hits in a game this series. This is unprecedented. Speaking of that, the D-backs didn’t score in the first inning so their leading after innings streak ended as ONLY the 3rd best ever. I imagine we started talking too much about it. There is still the streak for not being behind, but don’t say any more about it please. A few games away regardless. All of it is amazing for a team that built a reputation for coming back in games for most of the year.

Lovullo Rests Regulars Due to Thin Air, WC Lead

Another Lovullo lineup that produces. He really believes in that thin air theory. I know the one time I went to Denver I had a headache for three days. In Lovullo we trust.

Sherfy Gets Surprise Call and First MLB Save

Good for him, I’m surprised it took the D-backs another day to bring him up. With so much winning going on lately, the back end of the bullpen needed rest. Great job by Barrett, McFarland, and Sherfy to not miss a beat.

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Small Ball Gets D-backs 10 Straight Wins

An interesting observation that the D-backs hit 5 home runs, but more interesting that they hit 18 singles during the Rockies series. It’s rarely difficult to find stats to explain the reasons why a team has won 10 straight.

Around MLB

Scouting the Tigers’ Return for Verlander

The Tigers get 3 prospects. Many have an opinion about their return, but as always, only time will tell.

Marlins Planning to Slash Payroll?

It’s always a possibility for the Marlins to cut payroll. Miami might be the one team that has more transplant fans than the D-backs do. Retiring to warm weather doesn’t change your team allegiance apparently.

Tip Drills: J-Ram Hits 2 Assisted Home Runs

This is just crazy luck by an Indians team on more of a roll than the D-backs are right now.

Friars Knock on Wood for Series Win Over LA

There is some chatter on the Pit that maybe just maybe, the division is not over. It still is, at least I’m pretty sure. It’s not like the D-backs will almost win out and the Dodgers keep scuffling along like this. I would say crazier things have happened, but I’m not sure that would be true. All I know if that EPIC collapse were to happen, it has already started.