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Snake Bytes 9/28: A Literal Walk-off

David Peralta walks off the Diamondbacks, just as Chris Owings (remember him) did to start the season for the D-backs against the Giants.

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San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 4, Giants 3

The regular season at home ended the same way it started. A walk-off win against the Giants. It feels like a long time ago, but I remember how the season started vividly. I was optimistic before the start, but I know that I’m optimistic almost every season. After that first win, I felt something. Mostly fear it was a mirage, but a bit more optimism too. J.D. Martinez keeps blowing our minds as this team increases its win total to 92 on the year. This team is real.

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D-backs Martinez Sets 2 Records for September

NL tie for HRs in September impresses me the most. The last two games he has hit home runs off of good pitches. I’m not sure what a pitcher can do against him right now.

Prepare for October with a Refresher on Season for D-backs

This is a fun look at the season so far.

Torey Lovullo with Doug &Wolf at Chase Field

A nice video of their chat. Good stuff.

Moore: D-backs Powering Into Playoff Form

Of course it is true. But there is always the concern that regular season success, even at the end, doesn’t always translate to postseason success. We will see next week and it is super exciting!

Is This What Success Feels Like?

Some people who analyze the Diamondbacks or baseball in general need to understand why they were wrong about this team. All I know is baseball is simply not as predictable as other sports or other aspects of life.

J.D. Martinez is a Strong MVP Candidate

A case can be made. Who knows where the D-backs would be without him. Some of his numbers are historic. I just wonder if Goldy and Just Dingers will be out for the same voters.

Around MLB

Aaron Judge Has Been Least Clutch Player on Record

The sports media built him up to be Superman. Of course, that means they will try to tear him down as well. This FanGraphs article does have credibility though.

Twins Make Playoffs Year After 100-Season Loss

Never been done before, but the D-backs have just as big a turnaround. It just does not include a nice round number.

Fly, Fly Again! Cubs’ Win Clinches Another Flag

The Cubs and Nationals series should be a good one. Too bad I don’t care about that right now when my team is still in it.