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Dbacks 11, Giants 4: Regular Line up returns, brings the runs

After a day off yesterday for all the regulars and most of the good bench, Lovullo ran the normal line up out there to great affect

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Dbacks jumped on top early in the game. David Peralta lead off the game and drew a walk to get things going. AJ Pollock singled, putting two on and nobody out. They attempted a double steal, but Peralta was thrown out at third. That proved unfortunate, since Goldy walked, which would have loaded the bases.

As it was, there were only runners on first and second for JD Martinez. He did his thing and hit a double, bringing both Pollock and Paul Goldschmidt home, still with only one out. That was all they managed that inning, however, as Chris Iannetta and Brandon Drury both made easy outs to let Matt Moore and the Giants off the hook.

They picked right back up where the left off in the bottom of the second. Jake Lamb walked and then went to third on a Ketel Marte double. Robbie Ray flew out for the first out, but flipped it over to the top of the lineup with runners on second and third and only one out. Peralta hit a ground ball to Posey at first, but Posey’s throw home was high, and Lamb was able to score. Pollock singled scoring Marte, and Goldschmidt reached on an error.

That brought good old Just Dingers to the plate. There was only one way that it could end, and it did end that way with Martinez hitting a grand slam to cap off the six run inning.

That put the Diamondbacks up by eight, and they never looked back. Meanwhile, Robbie Ray was looking much more like his normal self. He went five innings, with only three hits, two walks, and two runs, both of which came off a fifth inning home run. It was on the shorter side, but that isn’t a bad thing, getting him a little bit of rest going into a hopefully deep playoff run.

That was basically the ball game. The score fluctuated a bit before we got the the final with the Dbacks adding a couple more and TJ McERA giving up a couple of his own. It didn't really matter, though, as the Diamondbacks finished with quite the comfortable margin.

Buying a tube of Instant WonderGlue: JD Martinez 22.3%

Ending up with all the family pets stuck to you like St. Francis of Assisi: Robbie Ray (Hitting) -3.6%

If you don’t get that particular reference, it’s the song Stuck on You by that country comedy genius, Ray Stevens. Challenge accepted, Jim :-)

A slow GDT, with the Snakepit resting most if it’s regulars in preparation for the post season :-) those who still showed up were:

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Have to give COTN to Smartplays for this comment in the first inning

Really, JD?

You think we’re accepting doubles out of you now?

by smartplays on Sep 26, 2017 | 7:04 PM reply unrec (9) actions

Now I’m not saying that Martinez was reading the pit between innings, but he did hit a Grand Slam in his next at bat. Anyway, day game tomorrow with a 12:40 start time. Last regular season game of the year at Chase. If you can make it, you should. Going to be difficult to just do it on a whim from here on out :-)