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Snake Bytes 9/25: Time For a Pool Party!

The D-backs players have done what no amount of chlorine could ever do. They have cleansed OUR pool of Dodger disrespect. Even Goldy jumped in to chants of “MVP!” This team has cleansed D-back Nation with a magical season in 2017.

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Miami Marlins v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The D-backs knew they were in the postseason before the game ended. But a walk-off by Just Dingers, that was just as good as a dinger, sealed a hosting of that Wild Card game. Our opponent is yet to be determined, though the Rockies appear to be the most probable one. Now that it is over, I know how I want it to be. I want to DEFEAT the Brewers in the WC game. Then I want to TAKE OUT the Dodgers in the divisional series. There is history there. The Diamondbacks can do it. I believe.

After the first three months of the season, many of us fell in love with this team. But a nearly two-month stretch were, “times that try men’s souls.” That was relieved notably by a 13-game winning streak. Only the postseason story is yet to written now.

In case you are wondering, if the Diamondbacks lose out and the Rockies win out, their records will be tied. But there is not a one-game playoff for the top Wild Card spot. A tie-breaking system is used that the D-backs win out of virtue of winning the season series against Colorado.

Diamondbacks 3, Marlins 2

I envy those who attended this game. With the Diamondbacks trailing in a tight game, it was announced to the stadium that the D-backs had clinched a spot in the postseason. It ended with a nice comeback victory and a walk-off by J.D. Martinez that sealed the top Wild Card spot. These are the types of games this team has played honorably to create a successful season in 2017. Sure, there was a near record-breaking stretch during the 13-game winning streak, where they led games start to end. But this team became the team they are by playing a full game that often required a comeback victory.

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Diamondbacks Celebrate Postseason Clinch With Walk-off Win

This link has lots of celebration videos. Our guys know how to party. The team seems to have a common bond, with many of the players growing into big leaguers over the last few years. That bond is shared by D-backs’ fans. Goldy points out that this should be enjoyed because you can never know when it will happen again. But if the front office is shrewd and ownership opens their wallets just a bit, this success can potentially be sustained for a few more years. Is it not worth the money to make this a baseball town once more? Postseason success can help in that regard.

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NL Wild Card Tracker: D-backs Await Wild Card Opponent

Finally, the D-backs are not in the Wild Card conversation any more. It is now who will be the other team. My heart wants to beat the Brewers. My mind does not want to play the Cardinals. Rockies have a slight advantage this final week. A fun and now relaxing week is yet to occur.

Bickley: Diamondbacks Making Valley Fall in Love with Baseball Again

Bickley is right, I have noticed the energy in the stands lately. Of course, Bickley was talking about monumental collapse several weeks ago. But that is who he is and for some reason I almost always read his articles.

Relive Best Moments on Twitter

Great stuff. If my jump for joy was captured on camera, I’d be posting a tweet too.

Playoff Tickets Go on Sale This Morning

I have a feeling these tickets will be hot. I checked some prices on the web, they are already high.

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Travis Shaw and the Brewers are Sneaky Good

The Brewers are a good baseball team. Craig Counsell has done a great job despite his constant look of pain in the dugout. They still have Ryan Braun and we still remember 2011. One way or another, they need to be denied the NLDS.

Real or Not? Diamondbacks Upset Dodgers, Twins not Hurt by History

Of course they have a chance to upset the Dodgers. This is baseball afterall. I like that the author suspects that Just Dingers will get a few MVP votes. Changing leagues midseason won’t help, but he has been unbelievable.

What’s at Stake in MLB’s Final Week of Play

What’s at stake? Not the top WC spot in the NL! But the best part for the Diamondbacks is that next week will be like Spring Training. Players who need rest will get it. Players who need work will get it. Lovullo has been a master this season in keeping his team refreshed and ready to play. Just make sure we don’t get hit in the hand by a pitch. Thank you.