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The Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

From Greinke to J.D’s neck, all the D-backs goodness that’s fit to print (in 140 or fewer characters).

Tweet of the Week

Honorable mentions

Harsh, but fair:

The Games in Diamondbacks Tweets

Diamondbacks 3, Giants 2

The above is probably close to the ultimate Arizona tweet... Or, possibly, the one below?

Diamondbacks 2, Giants 0
Diamondbacks 2, Giants 7
Diamondbacks 2, Padres 4
Diamondbacks 2, Padres 6
Diamondbacks 13, Padres 7

Yeah, last night was spectacular and thoroughly amusing to watch unfold. Seems like it happens every time we lose three in a row this year - that seems the tipping point for complaining to start in earnest. Maybe my reluctance to join in is a result of growing up, enduring my football team’s most hated rival winning the Scottish title NINE years in a row. So my devotion is hardcore, not derailed by bad months years decades - if it survived the D-backs 2004, that’s pretty clear! So a bad series, or even a bad week, hardly registers on my fan seismograph. I’m with Rudyard Kipling: “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster. And treat those two impostors just the same...”