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Video: J.D. Martinez on "MLB Tonight"

NL Player of the Week J.D. Martinez joined last night’s edition of MLB Tonight to discuss the award, his recent form, and teammate Paul Goldschmidt.

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

J.D. Martinez has been the best trade deadline acquisition in the history of the Arizona Diamondbacks. In just 46 games, he has hit 21 home-runs, driven in 46 runs and been worth 1.7 bWAR. That peaked on Monday of last week, when he became the first Diamondback in team history to hit four home-runs in one game, against the Dodgers in Los Angeles. His performance there helped him be selected

Particularly interesting to hear his thoughts on fellow Diamondback and MVP candidate, Paul Goldschmidt:

“Goldy’s awesome. He’s definitely a lot different player than a [Miguel Cabrera]. He’s a guy that studies a lot and he’s got so much information. I don’t even know how he has so much information in his head on all these pitchers and everything they do. I’m worried about the starting pitcher and he’s already on the middle reliever and his move to second base-type deal. I’m like, ‘Dude, how do you even know? How do you think about all this stuff?’ But, he’s a guy that’s locked in in every single at-bat, he doesn’t waste at-bats, he gets more frustrated when he gets away from his plan than anything. He’s fun to watch, plain and simple. He doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but if you’re a player and you’re playing against him or you’re on his team, you see what he brings to the table every single day.”

Other fun quotes:

  • “That one game in LA, I kinda just blacked out that day. I don’t even know what happened.”
  • “I’m still at times going through [an] adjustment period, in the sense that I’ve never faced any of these guys. ‘Who is this guy,’ I’m asking Goldy, asking Jake, asking A.J. ‘What have you got on this guy? What does he throw? What’s a good approach?’”
  • “When I walked into the [Arizona] clubhouse, all of a sudden I was the veteran guy... Everyone else is looking at me, the way I looked at Miggy. It’s definitely a different feeling.”

Here’s the full interview.