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2018 Schedule Released

The 2018 MLB schedule has been released. See what the Diamondbacks will be up to next year.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

MLB released the 2018 schedule for all teams today. You can find the full Diamondbacks schedule here, but we’ll run through some quick highlights for you for next season when the Diamondbacks look to defend their (insert 2017 result here)

  • The season will start on March 29th for all teams. The Diamondbacks will open at home against the Rockies. Fun fact: the last time the Diamondbacks opened a season on the road was 2011.
  • March 29th is also the earliest the MLB season has opened domestically.
  • The Diamondbacks will participate in the Cardinals home opener on April 5th
  • We will see the Dodgers for four series in April and May, so you’re gonna get your Beat LA front loaded
  • This season, the NL West will draw the AL West in Interleague play. Those series are as follows:
    May 4-6 vs Astros
    May 25-27 @ Athletics
    June 18-19 @ Angels
    July 30-31 vs Rangers
    August 14-15 @ Rangers
    August 21-22 vs Angels
    August 24-26 vs Mariners
    September 14-16 @ Astros
  • The regular season will end on September 30th against the Padres in San Diego
  • The schedule starts and ends earlier than this season, a quick eyeballing seems to show that there are a few Wednesday off days for the D-Backs (There were no Wednesdays off in 2017) and a few more two-game series. This is due to a new CBA rule stating that players get more days off (22 in total now)

What are you looking forward to on the 2018 schedule?