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Arizona Diamondbacks Blown Calls of the Week: August 2-8

It was shaping up as not a bad week for the men in blue. And then, last night happened...

New York Mets v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images


  • 36 bad calls in total, an average of 6.0 per game, a drop from the 7.5 figure posted last week. It would have been considerably lower: going into the opener of the Dodgers’ series at Chase, the average was only 4.6. Alan Porter took care of that, as we’ll see. The five road games went 13-10 in our favor, but last night’s game was 5-8, giving us an even split overall of 18-18.
  • The totals for the year
    Overall: 412-453 (47.6% favor the D-backs)
    Home: 210-208 (50.2%)
    Road: 202-245 (45.2%)
  • Best-called game: Aug 3, 10-8 @ CHC (Pat Hoberg). Both Hoberg, and Rob Drake in the game the previous day, were charged with only two missed calls, which is close to a season-low. Hoberg edges it, both because his game contained a higher number of pitches, and because his mistakes were less extreme than Drake. But both did very well.
  • Worst-called game: Aug 8, 6-3 vs. LAD (Alan Porter). This won’t come as a shock to anyone who watched last night’s game, but it’s nice to see our suspicions confirmed by the figures. The chart below show problems all over the place, but particularly his shifting of the strikezone towards the right [don’t forget, this version is flipped from the @DiamondbacksUmp images]. It also seemed larger than standard vertically. The pits was Jake Lamb’s at-bat in the third-inning, where strikes one, two and three ALL showed up as low, with agreement scores of 24%, 8% and 20% respectively.
  • Worst confirmed call. This also came from the same game. O HAI! Another strike 3/ball 4 call going against the D-backs? What are the odds... And this one was legitimately bad enough to make me wonder if Porter had been paid off - because there are few rational explanations for blowing a call as badly as this one, which was a strike by almost a full six inches. It has to be one of the worst calls of the year so far.

If you want an alternative, real-life view of the pitch, here you go:

The individual games

Aug 2, 3-0 @ CHC (Rob Drake)
  • 2 bad calls (0.75% of pitches)
  • 1 help, 1 hurt
  • 0 outrageously bad calls
  • Bad call score: 156
  • Worst call
Aug 3, 10-8 @ CHC (Pat Hoberg)
  • 2 bad calls (0.54% of pitches)
  • 1 help, 1 hurt
  • 0 outrageously bad calls
  • Bad call score: 150
  • Worst call
Aug 4, 2-1 @ SFG (Scott Barry)
  • 4 bad calls (1.57% of pitches)
  • 1 help, 3 hurt
  • 1 outrageously bad call
  • Bad call score: 322
  • Worst call
Aug 5, 4-5 @ SFG (Quinn Wolcott)
  • 10 bad calls (2.88% of pitches)
  • 8 help, 2 hurt
  • 4 outrageously bad calls
  • Bad call score: 872
  • Worst call
Aug 6, 3-6 @ SFG (Brian O'Nora)
  • 5 bad calls (1.68% of pitches)
  • 2 help, 3 hurt
  • 1 outrageously bad call
  • Bad call score: 438
  • Worst call
Aug 8, 6-3 vs. LAD (Alan Porter)
  • 13 bad calls (4.64% of pitches)
  • 5 help, 8 hurt
  • 3 outrageously bad calls
  • Bad call score: 1,108
  • Worst call