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2017 MLB post-season schedule announced

Though the locations and players are yet to be decided, we now know the dates.

World Series GM7 X

The regular season ends on Sunday October 1, and the first wild-card game takes plays on Tuesday, October 3. That will be the American League game, with the National League one - hopefully including your Arizona Diamondbacks - occurring the following day, Wednesday, October 4.

Both leagues have an off-day between the wild-card and the start of their Division Series. This year, there’s no split dates: both division series in the league will take place on the same days. The ALDS starts Oct 6, and the NLDS - again, hopefully including your Arizona Diamondbacks - is Oct 7. The series have a 2-2-1 format, with Games 1, 2 and 5 being played at the stadium of the home seed, and Games 3+4 at the away seed. There is a travel day before and after that middle block.

The Championship Series are split. The ALCS starts on Oct 12, and the NLCS the following day. There will be a 2-3-2 structure for both, and again, a travel day before and after the middle block. The same pattern also applies to the World Series, beginning on Oct 24. The wild card, NLDS and NLCS series will all be broadcast on TBS, with the World Series airing on FOX.

Here’s a full listing of the days and games which could involve the Diamondbacks. Y’know, if you want to book time off for the World Series or whatever... Games marked with an asterisk are those “if necessary” ones.

Wild Card

  • Wednesday, Oct. 4.

National League Division Series

  • Game 1: Friday, Oct. 6, away
  • Game 2: Saturday, Oct. 7, away
  • Game 3: Monday, Oct. 9, home
  • Game 4*: Tuesday, Oct. 10, home
  • Game 5*: Thursday, Oct. 12, away

National League Championship Series

  • Game 1: Saturday, Oct. 14, away
  • Game 2: Sunday, Oct. 15, away
  • Game 3: Tuesday, Oct. 17, home
  • Game 4: Wednesday, Oct. 18, home
  • Game 5*: Thursday, Oct. 19, home
  • Game 6*: Saturday, Oct. 21, away
  • Game 7*: Sunday, Oct. 22, away

World Series

The “home league” for the World Series has not been decided, as it’s no longer determined by the results of the All-Star Game. It will open in the home stadium of the league champion with the best record. So the D-backs could have home field advantage, if they get this far - right now, their winning percentage trails only the Houston Astros among American League teams.

  • Game 1: Tuesday, Oct. 24
  • Game 2: Wednesday, Oct. 25
  • Game 3: Friday, Oct. 27
  • Game 4: Saturday, Oct. 28
  • Game 5*: Sunday, Oct. 29
  • Game 6*: Tuesday, Oct. 31
  • Game 7*: Wednesday, Nov. 1

Random thoughts on roster construction. This means that whoever we have starting the wild-card game would also be available, on regular rest, for Game 3 of the NLDS. We’d need a fourth starter just once, for the NLDS Game 4, with our Game 1 starter then being able to pitch Game 5 as well, if needed. The “ace” could then go in Game 1 of the NLCS as well.