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Snake Bytes 8/7: D-backs Go .500 on Road Trip

The Diamondbacks could not win the series against the Giants, but still finish a respectable 5-5 on their road trip. Dodgers at home are next.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Giants 6, Diamondbacks 3

Patrick Corbin had 10 strikeouts, but did not have a great game. Certainly, his defense and offense let him down multiple times. Corbin has a great slider and his fastball has good velocity. But according to Orel Hershiser’s commentary during the recent Dodger’s series, Corbin’s fastball comes out flat. Something to do with dropping his elbow. I don’t know what it is, but I have a feeling a minor adjustment could take him to the next level. I just wonder if that will happen in a D-backs uniform. As for the offense, opportunities were missed. Goldy cannot get 6 RBIs every game.

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Clutch Hits Elude D-backs on Road Swing

It is clear that the Diamondbacks have not been getting many clutch hits lately. They have been playing .500 ball for several weeks now. The difference between that and .600+ ball might be getting those hits when the situation presents itself.

Ray Improving, Ready to Throw Bullpen Sessions

This is a good sign. The Diamondbacks need Robbie Ray in the rotation. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

MLB Playoff Picture: Diamondbacks Drop Behind Rockies in Wild Card Race

Having the Cubs, Brewers, and Rockies lose last night takes some of the sting out of this loss. Since either the Cubs or Brewers should win the Central, in theory, the Diamondbacks would have to fall behind all three teams to miss the Wild Card. Even .500 ball the rest of the way should be enough. Staying ahead of the Rockies should get that home field advantage in the wild card game, which is too stressful to even contemplate right now.

Around MLB

Power Rankings: Dodgers Double-down on Dominance

Yes, the Dodgers are the best. Right now. In the playoffs, baseball is very hard to predict, giving everyone a chance. The Diamondbacks are currently ranked 6th, which is fair. Despite struggles last month, all teams (except Dodgers) go through rough patches. It is part of the game.

Phillies Rally Late

Holland blew this one in the ninth for the Rockies. Proves it can happen to anyone, not just Rodney. Perhaps that kitchen accident a few days back played a role.

MLB’s Rookies of the Year, Visualized

An interesting article about Rookies of the Year and baseball. The sophomore slump is real, but not a given of course. Zack Godley may not technically be a rookie, but I will be interested to see if he can continue his success next year.