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Diamondbacks Crossword Puzzle Contest!

Complete this for fun... AND PRIZES

Hampshire v Durham - LV County Championship Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images

I did one of these either last year or the year before. I don’t remember, but I thought I’d whip this out again. It’s mostly somewhat obscure Diamondbacks trivia, not so obscure trivia, Snakepit Inside Jokes from like 2011, and one other thing.

You’ll notice that there are a few clues that seem to be just for generic-looking words. That is by design. Like a lot of crossword puzzles, there is a theme. The theme of this one is “What should Ken Kendrick do?” and it is answered by those benign-looking clues.

(For clarity and space, all clues involving someone’s name is a last name only)


The first person to complete this correctly (And tell me the answer to the above question) will get A FREE “GOLDY” T-SHIRT. Put on sale just yesterday!

Some ground rules:

  • I will only accept completed, filled out puzzles. You can’t just take the clues and put answers next to them. Put some damn work in.
  • I will accept submissions via E-Mail. ( Please put CROSSWORD PUZZLE SOLUTION (or some variation) in the subject line so I don’t lose it in the miasma of work basecamp notifications... WHICH ARE TOTALLY COOL AND HIP, CO-WORKERS WHO COULD BE READING THIS HA HA
  • Either write the answer to the Ken Kendrick question on the puzzle in the blank area, or you can just type it in the E-Mail
  • The shirt will be awarded to the first person who completes the puzzle 100% correctly. If that is you, I will respond telling you so, and we’ll work out shirt delivery details then. If you submit it and it is incorrect, I will tell you so, but for the sake of fairness, I will not tell you what specifically is incorrect, but I will say something to the effect of “You have the phrase right, but 4 puzzle solutions are wrong”, as an example This is just to level the playing field.
  • I will only accept submissions this way. You are free to talk about the puzzle or clues or whatever in the comments. I will frown upon, but ultimately not do anything about, answers to things here, cause you probably should have kept that to yourself, T-Shirt wanter.
  • Have fun and remember to smile!

Here is the puzzle (You can save it, print it out, fill it out using MS Paint, whatever)

And here are the clues:


4 Opposing pitcher for the Rockies in first ever D-Backs game

5 Verb, to give currency for goods/services

12 The Diamondbacks have opened the season against this team more than any other in history

14 The conventional city location of the Kane County Cougars

16 2012 Reliever. Pitched in Mexico and Venezuela after, recently signed minor league deal with the Mets

19 Phoenix Triple-A team

20 2004 Interim

21 The process of preserving someone or something

22 First batter to face the Diamondbacks ever. Now a coach at Reno

24 Expletive, to condemn

25 Meet you in Person _____ , soco

26 Had good hands for a Caucasian (That's an old Snakepit inside joke, don't @ me)


1 Franchise leader in triples

2 Diamondbacks pitcher with the franchise record for most losses in a season. Could be averse to Yellow

3 The first team the Diamondbacks ever defeated in the regular season

6 Possessive pronoun, referring to another person

7 Location of 1998 High A team

8 Oft forgotten other relief pitcher piece that came back to the Diamondbacks in the Mark Reynolds trade.

9 Something you should never do to the nice people at Viva El Birdos (I assume they're nice). Involves sea creatures and explosives

10 Every NL West team has gone to this at least once since the Dodgers last did

11 Every NL West team has won this except the Rockies

13 To have, it belongs to

15 A large building where sporting events take place

16 First player picked in expansion draft

17 Chase street

18 When you get to Chase from I-10/I-17, you're most likely going to take a street with this spelled out for this crossword puzzle name

23 A former Diamondback player and coach, known for being thrown against a fence