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Snake Bytes, 8/4: Swingin’ in the Rain

Paul Goldschmidt became the first D-back in five years to hit three home-runs in a game.

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Arizonia Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images


[Arizona Sports] D-backs' Paul Goldschmidt smashes three homers in win over Cubs - Cubs starter Jose Quintana might want to file this note in his scouting report for the next time he faces the Arizona Diamondbacks: Don’t leave a ball hanging high in the zone against Paul Goldschmidt. And leave that note for Wade Davis, too. Goldschmidt teed off on two of Quintana’s pitches left in the zone during a 10-8 Arizona win over the Cubs at Wrigley Field on Thursday. And the top of the ninth, Goldschmidt caught a low 96-mph fastball from Davis to break a 8-8 tie before teammate J.D. Martinez followed with his own solo shot, making it 10-8 in a game that included three rain delays.

[AZ Central] Paul Goldschmidt's blasts highlight Diamondbacks' wild win over Cubs - In a wild, back-and-forth, rain-soaked affair, Goldschmidt bashed three home runs – blasts that covered a distance of nearly a quarter-mile – including the go-ahead shot in the ninth inning. If the Diamondbacks’ 10-8 victory over the Chicago Cubs wasn’t their best victory of the season, it was up there, and Goldschmidt, their best player, carried them to it. And, judging by the cheers that emanated from the cramped confines of the visitors’ clubhouse before reporters were allowed inside, the Diamondbacks were more than happy to fete their star. But how did they celebrate, exactly? They weren’t saying. “That’s clubhouse confidential stuff right there,” right-hander Zack Greinke said.

[MLB] Paul Goldschmidt happy to win series vs. Cubs - "It's kind of nice to be rewarded with that win," Goldschmidt said. "We've been playing hard and haven't got the results at times, especially lately. It was nice to get the series win. Every win counts. We're doing well in the standings, but there are a lot of teams coming after us, so we've got to keep playing well. We know how good [the Cubs] are. It's a good challenge, I would say, more than anything."

[Deadspin] Cubs' And Diamondbacks' Rain Delay Theater Activities, Ranked - The Cubs and Diamondbacks had to sit through several delays waiting for rain to pass tonight before Arizona could out-slug Chicago, 10-8. Here are the rain delay activities of the two bullpens, ranked. So much GIF goodness here.

Team news

[KTAR] D-backs CEO: Chase Field hit by ‘near-catastrophic’ flooding this season - The league’s plan could involve moving the team, but Hall said that would only be temporary. “There’s nowhere to play in the marketplace if something like that happens indoors and in the summer, so I think Major League Baseball is talking about an emergency or a contingency plan and, again, they do have the ultimate authority,” he said. Despite the ongoing feud, Hall reiterated the team would only leave town on an emergency basis. He — and the league — want to keep the D-backs in Arizona for the long haul. “Obviously, [owner] Ken (Kendrick) and I would never want to leave Arizona. This is our home,” he said. “This is where we want to be.”

[Arizona Sports] D-backs will start Anthony Banda vs. Giants on Friday - Banda will make his second MLB start for the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday when they open a series against the Giants in San Francisco, the team announced. Banda fills in for Robbie Ray, who went on the concussion disabled list after a comebacker struck him in the head last Friday in a game at St. Louis. The 23-year-old Banda debuted July 22 against the Washington Nationals, going 5.2 innings while allowing seven hits, four earned runs and one home run. He struck out five and induced five grounders to 13 fly-outs in the 4-3 Diamondbacks loss.

[AZ Central] Diamondbacks had reasons for not adding a starter - “We had to pick and choose which direction we were going to go,” Hazen said. “If you went and acquired a starter, that’d be great, but you had to then assume that the starting pitcher, assuming health for the next month, would have to go in the bullpen for the next month when Robbie came back. And so acquiring a reliever and acquiring a starter who was then going to go into the bullpen presented a logistical challenge for us until we got to September. There was no guarantee that that starting pitcher was going to be able to transition into the bullpen for a month or two or three weeks, whatever it would be.”

And, elsewhere...

[SI] Match Game: The Best Waiver-Wire Trade Candidate For Every Contender - not every contender filled every need. Between that and the ever-present possibility of players getting injured to the point that it threatens their stretch-run availability, (or, if they're already sidelined, suffering further setbacks), it's important to remember that trades can still be made during August—but it's complicated. What follows here is an attempt to match up candidates to be dealt with contenders who still have clear needs, but first, the rules for trades in August require a refresher course.

[ESPN] Use it or lose it -- Are managers making the most out of their instant replay challenges? - It kills me to see a manager waste a replay opportunity. Replay is a miracle of living in the future. It's a hard-won political victory. It's the cure for the cruelest baseball affliction: a botched call. And, for a manager, using it is practically free. Watching Dusty Baker walk right past it without bothering to pick it up made me wonder: Are managers making the most of the replay?

[MLB] Dodgers, Astros not pushing starters deep - Houston recently went nearly a month -- from June 17 to July 15 -- without a single game where a starting pitcher recorded an out in the seventh inning. For a month, Astros starters averaged only 5 1/3 innings per start. For just about the entire history of baseball, a stretch like that would invariably mean disaster, that the pitchers simply weren't good enough to get further. But here, the Astros won 16 of those 23 games, good for a .696 winning percentage.