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Snake Bytes 8/31: A Chance for a Sweep to Right the Wrong of Dodger Stadium

Robbie Ray pitched great, Goldy hit another homer, and the bullpen did just enough to set up potential sweep tonight.

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Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Dodgers 4, Diamondbacks 6

The score shows the Diamondbacks winning. But it also symbolizes a 4-game losing streak for the Dodgers and a 6-game winning streak for the Diamondbacks. Which is sweeter?

Giancarlo Goldschmidt has picked up the daily home run habit and the Diamondbacks have been winning the close ones lately. Amazing how that works. Robbie Ray looks to be back and not suffering any mental apprehensions on the mound. Zack Greinke, nicknamed Greinke, takes the hill tonight to finish off the sweep. It would be the first one the Dodgers have suffered all season so far.

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Win Streak Has D-backs in WC Driver’s Seat

The numbers are looking a whole lot better after this winning streak. Marlins are back down to .500. The Rockies keep playing mediocre. The Brewers are hanging in there, but they might be looking more at passing the Rockies than the D-backs. Still some games against Colorado coming up, so winning is still necessary.

Goldy Climbing RBI Leaderboard

Nolan Arenado might not win third straight RBI crown after all. Stanton and Goldy are right behind them with their daily homer habits.

Umps Struggle to Call D-backs Home Run a Home Run

I almost wonder if umps have lost all confidence because of instant replay. This was clearly a home run by Rosales, but it had to be discussed at length. It robbed Rosales of his sprint around the bases that we all love to see.

Lovullo Wants Bradley to Remain a Reliever

Me too. Most D-backs fans do. But Bradley’s dream is to start. Next year is a long ways away, but I hope Bradley decides to embrace his role long-term. If he can start and not lose his velocity, that would be fine, but that is not what has happened in the past. Furthermore, being a reliever will lessen the risk of having to have Tommy John surgery and Bradley has always been high-risk in that regard. Sure, starters tend to make more money, but closers can make a lot too.

Diamondbacks Underdogs for MVP, Cy Young

Goldy still has a good shot. The way I see it, he needs to stay within 20 HRs of Stanton and win the RBI crown in the NL. If Stanton breaks the Maris record that is not tainted by PEDs, it might be hard to deny him. As for Greinke, he would have to finish very strong and get to 20-wins to have a shot. He could steal it at the end like Arrieta stole his a couple of years back.

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