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Arizona Diamondbacks 6, Los Angeles Dodgers 4: Beercap, Wednesday Version

Another beer and another chance to beat the Dodgers

Real Ale Enthusiasts Attend CAMRA Great British Beer Festival Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

Record: 75-58. Pace: 91-71. Change on 2016: +19.

Travel, travel and more travel has consistently conspired to bury the wit and fun of my usual articles, thus the reason for a rare Wednesday version of my baseball and beer fun.

Attended last night’s thrilling victory, so I hope my more remote viewing of tonight’s game will be just as successful.....and I hope less stressful as well (I’m looking at you Rodney).

Beer 1: H.F.S. ! by Alpine Beer Co.

  • Midweek baseball beercap. Being the week leading up to a holiday, and work being dead because of that, this is a much needed chore to distract from the drag of work.
  • With that in mind my much needed distraction of baseball has begun as Ray get his first K of the night. Don’t need to say it all, but if we hope for anything to happen in the post season we need Ray to dominate just as he has.
  • Intriguing conversations abound once again at Papago: two of the bartenders I’ve known for several years are cutting meat out of their diet. They inform me of this and lay out passionate and well thought-out arguments in support of this. I’ll stick to my burgers and steaks, thank you.
  • Rosales gets a home run in to dead center field, which is an event I would in no way have predicted at all going in this game. In fact before this game I informed EdBiggHead that I thought Drury should be in the 2-hole. Never mind.........1-0 Dbacks.
  • Lord Goldy, blessed be his name, proceeds to crush a two-run blast soon thereafter. Me likes where this game doth travel. 3-0 Dbacks.
  • Two more K’s later and Ray owns yet another inning. He’s looking every bit an ace after getting his head caved in a few weeks ago.

Beer 2: Ghost Hammer IPA by Stone Brewing

  • Well, this beer is far inferior to the last. Not sure what I was thinking switching from what amounts to nectar of the gods to this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not swill, but it’s not HFS.
  • What is HFS though, is Robby Ray. He has set a torrid pace so far today; cruising thus far through 3 innings. Still 3-0 going in to the bottom of the 3rd.
  • Drury, who purportedly lives on Drury Lane, doubles in JD on a double to dead center field. 4-0 Dbacks, and Ray has more breathing room to work with; as much as I love to hate on the Dodgers they’re more than up to the challenge to bridge that gap.
  • Ray dodges some Puig shaped bullets in the 4th, but we’re still in the cat-bird seat going into the bottom of the frame.

Beer 3: Tetra City IPA by Modern Times

  • Hermann. After crapping on a fan to my friend for brandishing a “Hermannator” poster that same “Hermannator” hits a bomb to left field. 5-0 Dbacks and I’m not sure if my act of crapping on the fan was good luck or karma or both.
  • Ryu’s wheels appear to be falling off here in the 4th with the score now 6-0 and JD up with two men on. Getting JD, for essentially nothing, has made this line up go from good to scary.....and he pops out...oh well.
  • 8K’s later and Robby Ray is still master of his domain. Yeah, he’s had his shaky innings, but he’s still trudges on. We’re lucky to witness his rise. May it endure.
  • Ray’s dominance continues on in to the bottom part of the frame, getting a single and making me wonder if he’s the Chosen One. It was foretold.........
  • That Ray’s single would be for naught as Peralta grounds out to the pitcher. Oh well.....still winning

Beer 4: HFS!....again

  • It’s an amazing beer and it needs to be had more than once, twice or even thrice.
  • Not surprising at all Ray has proven himself to be better not once, twice or even thrice. For he is truly the Kwisatz Haderach. Still 6-0 Dbacks going to the bottom of the 6th.
  • So...many.....K’s...... until the Grandiman gets a solo shot. So nice of Ray to fell pity upon Dodgers. Let’s hope this pity does not endure.....and it doesn’t as I write this . Ray out after a very excellently thrown game on his part.
  • Still 6-1 after Ray and it’s now time to close the door.....both on the game and my tab.
  • Chafin though has other ideas and promptly decides to blow this nice lead after hitting a batter, then giving up a 2-run hit to make it 6-3. Nothing easy at all......
  • Archie comes in to salvage the mess Chafin has left him....and walks in a run. 6-4 D-backs.
  • Praise be upon him despite that bad showing. Bradley avoids disaster, and I avoid another beer. I’ll let our fearless leader finish this article off.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

After last night’s tight-rope, I was wondering what this evening would bring in terms of Rodney-ness. However, this was clearly a return to form. Fernando Rodney needed only 11 pitches to carve up the Dodgers in order, finishing with a K of “MVP” Cody Bellinger [Yes, I have seen people on social media seriously try to make that argument. Who says Dodger fans have no sense of humor?] Six wins in a row for the D-backs, the season series against LA is now as close to even as it could be (7-8), and the Dodgers are rounding nicely into their usual post-season form, having lost four in a row.

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Flesh for Frankenstein: Robbie Ray, +20.8%
The Curse of Frankenstein: Paul Goldschmidt, +13.3%
Blackenstein: Andrew Chafin -10.3%

Thanks to those who showed up to cheer on the team: BigSmarty, Cumulus Choir, DORRITO, DeadManG, DesertWeagle, Diamondhacks, Gilbertsportsfan, GuruB, Imstillhungry95, Jackwriter, Jim McLennan, Justin27, LamparT, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, Oldenschoole, PaulGoldsmith, Rcastillo, SenSurround, SongBird, Sprankton, TinySarabia, asteroid, coldblueAZ, edbigghead, gamepass, hotclaws, noblevillain, onedotfive, samath, smartplays and soco. Comment of the thread to noblevillain, after Adam Rosales had to take a pause at third:

The win, coupled with the Rockies loss, gives us a three-game margin over them - they are now as close to the Brewers as they are to us. Tomorrow afternoon, we go for the sweep, and with Zack Greinke on the mound, who’d bet against us?