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D-backs 10, Cubs 8 - Goldy shines in rain

Contreras good, Goldschmidt better :)

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Chicago Cubs David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Rain came hard for most of the start of this one, giving us not one but two delays. The D-backs paid no mind, jumping early on Cubs lefty Jose Quintana. Gregor Blanco started off with a single, with Adam Rosales following up with a single of his own to bring up A.J Pollock! Easy runs for sure. But wait, he popped up. At least we have Paul Goldschmidt to do this to baseballs.

Oh you probably caught the last part of this, with Brandon Drury joining the fun with a massive dong to deep left field to give the D-backs an early 4-0 lead. The Cubs went down without much of anything in their half of the inning, and before you knew it, it started raining again.

35 minutes later brought Gregor Blanco back up and the game started again. The rain brought new life to the Cubs as Wilson Contreras (remember that name) blasted a home run deep to left to cut the lead to 4-1, Dbacks. Zack Greinke quickly put an end to the comeback threat, giving up just a double and single until the 5th saw damage from both teams.

A.J Pollock singled with two outs to bring up the hero of the day, Goldy, and he delivered again, smashing an inside fastball down the left field line and out of Wrigley field for a 2-run blast, 6-1 Dbacks.

But after that, the Cubs took advantage of a tired Greinke. Baez tripled and scored on a wild pitch to cut the lead to 6-2 Dbacks in the 5th. And Wilson Contreras homered on a meatball fastball from Greinke with 2 runners on to make it a ballgame. 6-5.

Unexplicably, Greinke stayed in the game to hit for himself and pitch the 7th. While his pitch count was decently low, he was noticeably gassed. It was apparent in the 7th and the Cubs took advantage. Baez singled and stole 2nd. Jon Jay and Anthony Rizzo walked with 2 outs to bring up Contreras once again. Oh and guess what, he smashed a single up the middle to score two more and give the Cubs their first lead 7-6.

But wouldn’t you know it, this team never quit. Goldy and Martinez walked, and Drury singled to load the bases for Jake Lamb, who responded with a single to left to score two runs, 8-7 Dbacks. Unfortunately the D-backs couldn’t do much else with the scoring opportunity, as Mathis, Blanco and Rosales struck out.

But wouldn’t you know it, the Cubs would respond with a run of their own! They went walk, walk, single to load the bases, then John Jay grounded out to short to drive home a run and tie the game 8-8. Fortunately, Kris Bryant lined out to deep center to end the inning.

ANOTHER rain delay made most people flip over to the Hall of Fame game for some reason, but Goldy rewarded those who stuck around. With 1 out, he smashed his 3rd home run of the night to give the D-backs a lead, and J.D Martinez followed that up with a home run of his own. The inning continued with Lamb and Mathis singling but pinch-hitter Daniel Descalso flew out to end the inning, paving the way for closer Fernando Rodney.

Of course it’s never easy, with a leadoff walk to Rizzo setting the stage for Wilson Contreras to attempt a running bunt before striking out for out number 1. Yeah, it was pretty weird. The guy has hit 2 homers and drove in 6 RBIs, but he tries to bunt for a hit. Alex Avila pinch hit and walked after falling behind early, bringing up Ian Happ with the tying runs on the bases. He struck out. Heyward came on and Rodney shut the door to give the D-backs a series win in Chicago.

Source: FanGraphs


It was a long game. LamparT with the astute observation.

The D-backs pick things up tomorrow against the Giants in San Fran. Stop on by.