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Snake Bytes 8/28: Winning Baseball is Back

The Diamondbacks sweep the Giants with outstanding pitching and an 8th inning exclamation point.

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San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Giants 0, Diamondbacks 11

The renaissance of Patrick Corbin continues with 7 beautiful innings of shutout pitching. His ERA has dropped under 4 and it is clear he has figured something out. Just Dingers continues to hit just dingers (2 more) and the Diamondbacks offense had a breakout party in the bottom of the 8th scoring 9 runs. The back-to-back-to-back homers came after the D-backs already had a 6-run lead. Goldy, Just Dingers, and Descalso released their second-half frustration on Matt Cain, who I would feel sorry for his career direction if not for guaranteed contracts.

Sweeps matter. By my count, the Diamondbacks have swept 7 series this year, while being swept only 3 times. Despite second-half issues, they’ve largely avoided being swept which matters as much as getting them. Take all the sweeps away (positive and negative) and the D-backs are barely a .500 team. As cool as it would be to just keep winning series and getting 118 wins at the end of it, baseball does not work like that. Certainly not this years’ Diamondbacks. As the season winds down, avoiding sweeps and getting a couple more could guarantee us that playoff game.

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Peralta Fights Walker to Be First High-fiver

It is amusing how Peralta expects to be the first to greet home run hitters. He is the soul of this team and his healthy year has made a big difference.

David Peralta Ejected After Bat Slam, Exchange with Umpire

The call on the second strike of his at-bat was terrible. Peralta’s reaction was understandable. I just had a thought, perhaps robot umpires are not a good idea because of the human element of the game, but maybe they could be there to overrule the most egregious calls.

Marte Expects to Return to Lineup Tuesday

A tight hamstring was worrisome for a middle infield with so many injuries, but it looks like he will be back quickly. Nick Ahmed’s return will be welcome in the next week as well.

MLB Power Rankings: Diamondbacks Strike Back

The D-backs are ranked somewhere between number 3 and 8. Sounds about right. It is important as a fan to never get too high or too low on recent play. But I still choose to be high right now, it almost feels like June again and I love it.

Around MLB

Stanton Smacks Homer No. 50 for Game Winner

Stanton has been on an amazing tear. He has basically single-handedly made the Marlins the new Cardinals. A team emerging over .500 making D-backs fans worry some more.

Dodgers Activate Kershaw for Weekend Start

According to this article, Kershaw will be back Friday or Saturday. After I checked the Dodgers’ schedule, I decided Saturday will be perfect. That way he would avoid both upcoming series with the D-backs and play the Rockies in his second start back.

Japan Crushes Texas to Win LLWS

I have friends who live in Tokyo that I stay with on my visits there. They have a 10 year old son who gets up before sunrise every day to practice baseball 3 hours before school. That’s just how they do it there. The globalization of baseball has been great for the game and Japan is certainly a part of it.