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Fang Food: Chicken Funnel Cake Sandwich

This round, we take a look at a concept that could have been good, but fell very short.

This could have been good. I can see the ways they could have made this work, but in the end it might have been even worse than the Chicken Enchilada dog. The concession item in question is the Chicken Funnel cake sandwich. Let’s see how they described it at the start of the season, shall we?

Crispy chicken fillet, garlic black pepper Cheddar, house strawberry jam, powdered sugar and maple syrup, served on two funnel cakes

Location: Taste of Chase (Section 130)

Now, how should it actually be described? A soggy, Tyson, breaded, frozen chicken breasts topped with a substance that is supposedly cheese, but only provides an overwhelming flavor of black pepper to the meal that almost overpowers every other possible flavor you could get from anything else. I say almost, because that strawberry goop they put on top compliments it well, in a terrible sort of way, with a sticky cloyingness that makes you long for a glass of milk to wash the flavor away.

There is a positive to the dish. The funnel cake is actually pretty good. If they were to serve the funnel cake on its own as a dessert, it would probably replace the Wetzel’s Pretzels stand as my go to mid innings snack.

To me, the disappointing thing is that this probably could be salvaged as a meal. Chicken and Waffles is a classic combination, and this sandwich has some obvious similarities. It’s just terribly executed. For starters, you have Lolo’s chicken and waffles in your stadium. USE THEIR CHICKEN FOR THIS. The “chicken” that is used is terrible. Second, quite trying to do so much. If they had just left it at the chicken, cheese, and funnel cake, it probably would have been pretty average. The cheese would have still been too peppery, but it would have been edible. It’s a real shame, because this could have been a good concept.