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Snake Bytes 8/24: Finally Lose to Mets

The Diamondbacks had plenty of chances, including a frustrating 5th inning, losing their first game to the Mets this year.

Arizona Diamondbacks  v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Mets 4, Diamondbacks 2

The D-backs have made a living this year beating up on the Mets, but finally lose one. A familiar story of late, with missed opportunities. For example, the fifth inning had the makings of a big crooked number, but somehow the Diamondbacks came away empty after a double-play outfield assist to home ended the threat. I wasn’t catastrophic last night though. The D-backs will have Robbie Ray (basically a morning game for us in Arizona) on the hill tonight. Also, the Brewers and Rockies lost as well. Let’s hope for a series win, this morning.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Offense Goes Silent in Key Situations

Anyone who has followed the D-backs this year knows that opportunities taken earlier in the season have been opportunities missed in the second half. Perhaps, it is just a mathematical thing, that it all evens out. But the Diamondbacks clearly have not been the same offense. Many reasons potentially why that has been the case, but nothing clear.

Rogers: Often Overshadowed, Goldy’s MVP Time is Now

I will be much more interested in the Goldy MVP story after we clinch a Wild Card spot. However, the numbers are there for all to see. This could be his year.

Ray Returns to Hill After Scare to Face Mets

We will see if Ray is ready. He should be, but he probably will have to get past it mentally. We’ve seen him pitch in tough situations this year and he seems to have the right stuff. Let’s hope for a strong first game back.

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Rethinking the Perfect Game

After last night’s Dodgers game that had a perfect game broken up by an error and no-hitter lost in the 10th inning, is it time we rethink the definitions? FanGraphs makes some interesting points in this article. However, it is what it is in my view. Get over it Dodgers’ fans.

10 of Baseball’s Best Stories in 2017

This has a number of feel good stories about players getting to the big leagues. David Peralta type stuff is fun to read about.