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Snake Bytes 8/22: Pollock Delivers

It took the Diamondbacks an inning more than regulation to put an end to their losing streak.

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The agony is finally over if only temporary as the Diamondbacks put an end to their losing streak last night. It took 10 innings, and they narrowly squeezed out the victory by a 3-2 margin. Patrick Corbin (10-11, 4.25 ERA) will attempt to build on his two previous strong scoreless outings in his homecoming against Tommy Milone (1-7, 7.91 ERA).

Diamondbacks 3, Mets 2

[D’] Pollock's 10th-inning HR takes down Mets - Another start and another non victory decision for Taijuan Walker. He had to pitch his way out of trouble in multiple innings, but he was able to keep the Mets scoreless over 5 13 innings. He was able to escape a bases loaded jam with two strikeouts in the 2nd. Walker has not been able to complete the 6th inning in 4 of his last 5 starts. Fernando Rodney gave up a solo home run in his first appearance in a week for the save in extras.

"We're looking for something to get us going," Pollock said of the D-backs, who entered the game having lost 10 of their last 13 games. "We've got a good team. Something just wasn't clicking."

[Arizona Sports] A.J. Pollock’s two-run shot gives D-backs extra-inning win over Mets - Paul Goldschmidt took the night off going 0-5 as the outfielders, A.J. Pollock, J.D. Martinez, and David Peralta did the heavy lifting in the victory. Martinez singled Jake Lamb home in the 4th for the first run of the game. David Peralta made a strong throw to home to cut down a 2nd run from scoring after Archie Bradley loaded the bases in the 7th. Pollock finally turned his fortunes around in the 10th when he hit a two run dinger to right center.

Diamondbacks News

[Arizona Sports] D-backs’ Tomas to undergo core surgery, likely done for 2017 - I truly feel bad for Yasmany Tomas, but he is looking like a mighty fine $46 million dollar paper weight over the remainder of his contract. There is no telling how long it will take him to recover, but it is certain he will miss the remainder of the 2017 season. The team was optimistic for his return before this major setback.

[CBS Sports] Rockies and D-Backs slump and the NL Wild Card race is suddenly very interesting - Is it possible to both love and hate the addition of the second wild card spot? It gives fringe teams a chance at a Costco sized sample of October baseball. It also creates a false sense of superiority over teams that do not make it into the Postseason. Despite having the 4th best record in the Senior Circuit, Arizona is a whopping 21 games behind the Dodgers for the NL West lead. Sure, the Dodgers are winning at an almost unrealistic pace, but the Diamondbacks and Rockies are pacing an otherwise mediocre league. Do not get me wrong, I feel that both teams absolutely deserve to make the 1 game play in if the reach ~88 wins. 2016 levels of play have quickly evaporated the comfortable lead built in the first half.

[LA Times] Dodgers mailbag: Which team would be their toughest National League Division Series opponent? - Yeah whatever. Not technically Diamondbacks news. Sue me, but least someone in Los Angeles fears the prospect of facing the Diamondbacks in the NLDS. Heck, if Arizona managed to be them there that would be all the moral victory I would need for this season.

[] Named after Darren Daulton, he's a major-league prospect and a catcher, too - The Phillies checked into their downtown St. Louis hotel before opening day in 1995, and Gary Varsho, who hardly knew any of his teammates after joining them just a week earlier, retreated to his room to wait for his luggage. “The hotel phone rings and I’m thinking ‘Who the heck is calling me?’ Maybe it’s my wife. I don’t know,” Varsho said. “It’s Darren Daulton. Darren goes, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘Waiting for my luggage.’ He goes, ‘No, you’re not. Come down to the lobby. We’re going out to eat.’ ” Varsho respected Daulton so much that naming his baby was easy after his wife became pregnant at the end of the 1995 season. “There was no doubt about it that he was going to be named Daulton,” Varsho said. “He was caring. He was loving. He exemplified everything that Philadelphia Phillies baseball was all about. It’s about loyalty. It’s about love. It’s about pulling for one another. It’s about giving everything you have that night and preparing to win.

Around the League

[ESPN] Power Rankings: The race tightens atop the American League - Arizona is dropped down to #8 and absolutely deserved it after this nightmare week. Bleacher Report drops the Diamondbacks 3 spots down to #9. Fanrag takes the snakes down to #7.

[Sports Illustrated] Umpires Halt White Armband Protest Against 'Escalating Verbal Attacks' - The World Umpires Association was super serious in their demands guys! Not quite sure what is satisfying enough about a meeting with Rob Manfred to end their act of defiance. Perhaps it was because they were threatened with fines themselves if they did not end the protest. To be a fly on the wall during that meeting. If we have the technology to put a human being into space, I think we could find a way to develop an electronic strike zone. We can pilot it on games Angel Hernandez is scheduled to be behind the plate.

[Sporting News] Curtis Granderson continues Dodger dominance, belts grand slam vs. Pirates - I was assured at the trade deadline that Curtis Granderson was a has been. With the exception of last night, we could have used his bat to spell A.J. Pollock from time to time. He is certainly an upgrade over Gregor Blanco. Instead, he is helping March the Dodgers to one of the best records in history.

[FiveThirtyEight] Joey Votto’s Greatness Is Wasted On The Reds - The scary thing about this is that should the Diamondbacks fail to make the Postseason this year, Paul Goldschmidt will find himself among the Top 20 in “Wasted WAR” putting him among the likes of Mike Trout and Joey Votto. These are players that absolutely deserve their moment in October baseball. Some of the names on the list, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Miguel Cabrera, and Randy Johnson are interesting because they did not necessarily play on bad teams, but they were able to put up massive seasons regardless if their teams made the playoffs or not. Trout, Votto, and Goldschmidt have all played on some fairly bad teams in their time.

[Fangraphs] Should Justin Upton Opt Out? - Justin Upton highlights have been beautiful to watch this season. His power swing has been a pleasure to watch as very few players have his level of raw power. Does that mean that he is going to be able to land a large contract should he choose to exercise his player opt-out this offseason? Fangraphs argues that the market might be saturated with similar type players to the point where that decision might actually hurt him. I would take the dilemma of that contract on the roster at this point as opposed to Yasmany Tomas.