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Snake Bytes 8/21: At Least Ray is Coming Back This Week

A bullpen game didn’t work out as D-backs are swept by Twins.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Twins 12, Diamondbacks 5

The T.J. McFarland experiment didn’t pan out. Totally understandable though, the D-backs had success with bullpen games starting Delgado. McFarland has been a valuable member to this team, but he only managed one out while giving up seven runs in his start. Shipley came in to save the bullpen, going almost six innings to keep the game marginally respectable. Descalso pitched another perfect inning (I wish I didn’t care about small sample sizes). But the Twins series is over and the D-backs get to face the Mets next. The D-backs swept them last time, but that was months ago, we will see what happens.

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Torey Lovullo Gets Ejected After Umpire Issue D-backs Warning

If there was ever a good time to get ejected, this was it. The D-backs need something, anything to get them going.

Playoff Picture: D-backs Wild Card Lead Shrinks

At least the Cardinals lost yesterday. Trying to find the positives. D-backs still hold a 2.5 game lead over the Brewers and are close to the Rockies still for the top spot. A nice 5-game win streak like the D-backs used to have would go a long way to getting us back into the comfort range.

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I wanted to go north a few states to see the total eclipse, but my wife had zero interest and I have responsibilities at home. It would be cool to see it at a minor league baseball game.

Colon Becomes Third Active Pitcher to Beat All 30 Teams

The D-backs finally did it. They lost to Colon. I doubt he will be around long enough to beat new expansion teams. But who knows? He picked a good time to play a struggling team.