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SnakePitFest (presented by the asteroids): Sept 8.

We could do with a pick-me-up after tonight’s debacle, so here you go. The annual SnakePit get-together at Chase.

SnakePitFest 2015

The asteroids have very kindly traded in their unused season tickets for a block of seats at the game against the San Diego Padres on Friday, September 8. These are available to SnakePitters free of charge - the general request from asteroid is “do something nice for someone else,” which seems eminently fair. They’ll be available on a first-come, first-served basis, to registered SnakePitters who speak up in the comments. You can also bring a significant other or whatever: just mention that as a “+1” when you put in your request.

Not quite sure how many there are, so this offer is subject to sudden and arbitrary termination at any point, and (legal disclaimer) applying for a ticket does not guarantee you’ll get one. I’ll endeavor to keep an eye on the post and will close comments if we run out of room. The SnakePit denies all responsibility for death or injury suffered as a result of entering the decrepit and condemned hell-hole which is Chase Field (or so we are repeatedly being told). Tickets will be handed out on the night at the Rose & Crown on 7th St, a few mins walk from the park, details to be arranged nearer the time.

Come join us, have a beer (or possibly two), and watch the Diamondbacks kick San Diego ass, on their way to their first post-season since 2011. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully...