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Twins 5, Diamondbacks 0

Less fireworks. Similar result.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Minnesota Twins Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks have not scored a run against the Minnesota Twins since the 2nd inning in the opening game of the series. Zack Greinke had a pair of 30+ pitch innings tonight and failed to make it past the 4th inning surrendering all 5 runs in that frame. Arizona did not get any hits outside of Brandon Drury’s double in the second and A.J. Pollock’s double in the third. Angel Hernandez attempted to make a statement because his feelings are hurt, but called an otherwise decent game by his standards. The Diamondbacks are 1-3 on this road trip, will lose additional ground in the Wild Card pending the outcome of the Brewers versus the Rockies, and are now only 11 games above .500. I have run out of depressing things to say in less than 150 words. Full dismal recap to follow after I collect myself have a Snickers.