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Diamondbacks 3, Twins 10

This one really got away from the Diamondbacks tonight, and there was plenty of blame to go around. Zack Godly started for the Dbacks tonight and had a rare less than stellar start. He went 5 13 innings, gave up nine hits and two walks, leading to four earned runs. He did strike out ten, but when you give up a hit on three quarters of the balls that get put in play, you’re going to have a rough night. It could have just been luck, but it seemed like the Twins were really pounding the ball when they made contact.

The offense wasn’t a whole lot better. They got to Ervin Santana early, scoring two in the first and David Peralta added another with a solo shot in the second. After that, they seemed to waste every chance they got.

Things blew up in the seventh when the Twins got two, two run home runs off David Hernandez giving Minnesota an insurmountable, five run lead, which they later added to. Full recap to follow shortly.