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Snake Bytes 8/17: Not Quite

Diamondbacks make a nice comeback attempt, but blow it in the bottom half of the 8th inning.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Astros 9, Diamondbacks 5

After a subpar start by Walker, the Diamondbacks offense manages to claw their way back. Home runs by Goldy and J.D. Martinez make it close, but the bullpen is unable to keep putting up zeros. I sometimes forget just how important Randall Delgado was to this team in the first half of the season. He anchored the bottom half of the bullpen, keeping games close for patented comeback wins. Not to mention he could make occasional starts, rather than having to bring up young guys who aren’t quite ready. His return is expected to come at the end of August at this point. Not soon enough.

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Justice: Goldy Focused on Playoffs, Not MVP Race

When Goldy says he is not worried about the MVP race, just the playoffs, he is the one player that I actually believe. Making the playoffs, will indirectly improve his bid for the MVP. But I’m with Goldy, playoffs are everything right now. I cannot imagine not getting there this year, I don’t think I could take it.

Walker, Lovullo Not Worried

Walker’s fastball was down in velocity a bit last night. Combined with some weak base hits, the D-backs fell behind. I just know my confidence in Walker has gone down a bit lately. I’m hoping for better results going forward.

Five Relievers Diamondbacks Count on for Playoff Push

Archie Bradley, Andrew Chafin, JDLR, David Hernandez, and the “Fernando Rodney Experience.” We need these guys obviously, but all, save Bradley, have had their uninspiring moments. I’m still hoping for a return of Delgado for the back end later this month.

Ketel’s New (Old) Trick: Getting on Base

A nice article by Inside the ‘Zona that shows the Marte is showing some nice plate discipline. Lovullo, even has him batting leadoff with Peralta on paternity leave. With the D-backs injuries, hard to imagine life without him.

Baseball’s Best Bromance: Archie Bradley and Jake Lamb

A fun article that shows these two as friends. Jake can hit a grand slam and hardly show a smile, while Archie has a bit more external fire. But they seem to be best friends. “He may be the only person besides my girlfriend who truly, truly gets me, deep down inside,” Bradley said. How cute.

Around MLB

The Fascinating Race for the NL MVP

According to this FanGraphs article, Goldy is in the lead. Obviously, making the playoffs is key. If Stanton hits 60, things might change. Arenado, Votto, or one of a few Dodgers are among those with a chance as well.

Aaron Judge Sets Record for Longest Game Stretch with a Stikeout

This sounds like a Mark Reynolds type record to me. Doesn’t matter, Aaron’s awesome.

CBS MLB Power Rankings

Diamondbacks still in 6th. It just feel like the gap is closing to a pack of teams right behind. More wins please.