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Snake Bytes 8/14: August Gauntlet Continues

The D-backs kept the game close until the 8th inning happened.

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Chicago Cubs v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Cubs 7, Diamondbacks 2

Zack Godley pitched a decent game that stayed close until the Cubs lit up Jake Barrett for 4 runs in the 8th. Godley still took the loss and is now 5-5 on his breakout season with a sub 3.00 ERA. The offensive struggles continue as they muster only 4 hits, 3 by Lamb and a HR by Goldy that was too little too late. Houston comes next with Zack Greinke on the mound trying to get the D-backs back on track.

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In First Inning, Godley Strikes Out 4

It takes a devastating pitch to make this rare accomplishment happen. Godley’s curveball improvement this year has been astounding. It is hard enough to miss bats, but missing your catcher in the process takes talent. One other D-back managed this feat. Can you guess? It’s not who you think.

Chafin Gums Up the Works, Snaps Off Crown

Not sure how you break a crown on gum, unless you’re trying a piece you got on Halloween 2 years ago. But I can say through personal experience that it does hurt and Chafin was distracted enough to walk the next 2 batters. Thankfully, some injuries are more easily repaired than others.

Sloppy Play Closing Gap for the Diamondbacks

It is not time to panic yet, but the D-backs will need to play well the rest of the way to reach the playoffs. Other teams are getting hot and the Rockies are right there. I was hoping this wouldn’t be a stressful two months, but it is looking to be the case.

Around MLB

Giancarlo Stanton is Closing Off and Trending Up

Giancarlo has been on a rampage lately, upping his HR total to 42. His 90 RBI’s are nice, but could be higher perhaps if he wasn’t batting second this year in the lineup. Don Mattingly does not want to change what is working. Hard to blame him.

Rockies Arenado Hit on Left Hand, X-rays Negative

Another key player getting hit in the hand. It is hard to understand how sometimes it leads to a bruise and other times a break. The D-backs haven’t been so lucky with their middle infielders. I guess J.D. was our lucky (not) break.

Bryce Land: Nats’ Prayers Answered

I have never seen a player hydroplane on a base like that before. The way he awkwardly fell with his knee extended, it seemed that for sure it would be a worst case scenario for the Nats. As it turns out, Bryce looks to be back before the season ends.