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Jake Lamb and J.D. Martinez reenact famous 1990s movie scenes. On helium.

In celebration of '90s Night tonight at Chase. Do not try this at home, folks...

I’m not sure which one of these was my favorite. Possibly the League of Their Own one, marginally edging out Braveheart - bonus points to Jake Lamb for that little punch in the air at the end of the latter.

Damn, looking back, guess there were some decent films in the 1990’s. For what it’s worth, here are my top 10 for the decade, in alphabetical order. Because an order would likely depend on my mood at the time.

  • Army of Darkness
  • Basic Instinct
  • Demolition Man
  • eXistenZ
  • Flying Dagger
  • Heroic Trio
  • Léon: The Professional
  • Starship Troopers
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • Tremors

Then there are the over-rated ones, which personally, I’d be inclined to say include Pulp Fiction [form an orderly line with your torches and pitchforks at the right!] as well as Titanic. Probably throw Forrest Gump on there as well, and possibly even Fight Club - I watched the latter recently, and it has not aged as well as I thought it might have...

Feel free to nominate others, in either category, in the comments...