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Snake Bytes 8/10: For One Out More

In a tight game with a playoff feel, the Dodgers score two runs in the 7th off Zack Greinke and hold on to win the game.

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Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Dodgers 3, Diamondbacks 2

Zack Greinke pitched a great game until he couldn’t get the final out in the 7th inning. This is the type of game we can expect in the playoffs, but hopefully with a different outcome. The D-backs fell behind a run before Goldy tied it up with a beautiful HR to center. This was followed by an RBI single by J.D. Martinez for the lead. It was looking fine as Greinke cruised along. But he gave up 2 runs with 2 outs in the 7th that sealed it for his first loss at home this year.

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Zack Greinke Laments Final Inning in Loss to Dodgers

Zack was not happy with his pitch to Joc Pederson in the 7th inning that tied the game. Joc had been mired in a prolonged slump before his double that set up the game winning RBI single by Puig. Greinke said he felt good and his pitch-count was fine, but this is not the first time this season he has given up critical runs late in the game.

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Sport Stars Share Support for Bradley’s Fire

Bradley got some twitter love after his fantastic show of emotion and subsequent interview Tuesday night. He specifically mentioned Phoenix Suns’ rising star Devin Booker, who responded with “respect”. Even Dontrelle Willis came out in support, got to love that.

Bradley and the Diamondbacks Bringing Fire to August Gauntlet

August has some tough games on the schedule. More games against the Dodgers, Astros, and Cubs are coming. Archie Bradley’s fire will hopefully rub off on the team to get them through it. If the D-backs can come out of August with a healthy wild card lead, they will be hardened and ready for postseason play.

D-backs Ray Throws Bullpen, Return Nears

It should be just a matter of time now. We need him.

Around MLB

Joe West Suspended 3 Games for Comments About Adrian Beltre

Joe West is one of the umpires that I actually think has done a great job and deserves respect. His comments after his 5,000th game regarding Adrian Beltre were fine in my book. He just said that Beltre complained a lot. I bet you he does. Big deal. Not sure why a suspension was warranted.

Alex Wood’s Worrying Trend

Assuming the D-backs use Greinke in the wild card game, it is very possible that last night’s match-up of Greinke and Wood will be replayed in Game 3 of the division series. Wood has had a phenomenal year, but there are signs of regression happening. Fatigue may become a factor. I’m fine with that.

Meowlina! Yadi, Stray Cat Strut in Grand Style

Not sure how a cat finds his way onto a MLB field. Most of us have heard stories of pet cats jumping on shipping containers before crossing the Pacific Ocean, so it happens. I just know my cat has an uncanny ability to know when a critical moment in a D-backs game is happening. She may ignore me all day, but when that moment comes she invariably decides to jump on my lap and stick her butt in my face.

CBS Power Rankings: Yankees and Red Sox Moving in Opposite Directions

These ranking have the Diamondbacks fifth. It is amazing they can be so far back in the NL West, yet still be ranked so high. The Dodgers must come back to down earth at some point. Right? Good pitching is keeping the Diamondbacks high on the list.