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Arizona Diamondbacks 6, Cincinnati Reds 3: Where We Forget Last Night Happened at All

Well, last night’s debacle needs something more fortified than beer to help one move on and forget. For that, one needs harder stuff. I’m talking about bourbon, scotch and tequila of course.

Lets begin shall we?

Drink 1: Knobb Creed Small Batch on the rocks

  • Tried and true, much like Greinke’s starts, this fine Kentucky bourbon is an old standby and one that upon the first sip sees me through the first half of the 1st. I don’t need to preach to anyone that this should be a series we should win, especially after being thoroughly frustrated in LA
  • The 1st was uneventful, so let’s pause and speak upon what’s on all our minds: Game of Thrones. Yes I know the Dbacks are shamelessly using the wildly popular show to get tickets sold, but damned if they’re not right on how popular it is. Just 10 days away and I’m pumped more than anything to see Clegane Bowl. Seriously, the Hound vs. the Mountain will be the most watched/anticipated fight in history. Forget the Thrilla in Manilla, Clegane Bowl should be and likely will be a pay-per-view event in every bar in the US and beyond.
  • Greinke would have make a better White Walker for this promo game. No not because of any skin tone issues, but strictly because his face looks devoid of any emotions other than uninterested loathing and hate. Not to mention he’s already cutting though this Reds lineup faster than the White Walkers did through the Night’s Watch at the Fists of the First Men. 0-0 going in to the bottom of the 2nd.
  • Dbacks strike first with Drury redeeming himself with a double, much like Jamoe tries to redeem himself (in the books mostly) bringing in the first run of the game. Mathis then piles on the fun with a double of his own bringing in another. 2-0 Dbacks
  • Grienke, hit by a pitch, tires of these mortals feeble attempts to stifle his chill reign. He’ll be sure to greet the Reds with a very cold reception in the 3rd. (haha, get it? Cold)

Drink 2: Tears of Llorona Anejo Tequila served neat

  • Never heard of this stuff before tonight but it’s smooth as silk, or perhaps as smooth as Little Finger’s meddling throughout the GoT series. Yes, it’s that good.
  • Kinda like Greinke through 4 frames tonight. Like I said, he was most displeased with being hit last inning.
  • He carries his cold-detached sense of hate over to the bottom half of the 4th with an RBI single. It’s summer in Phoenix, but winter has come for the Reds... 3-0 Dbacks
  • Goldy tacks on another run in the 5th making me wonder if he might have had a better chance at the Mountain than Oberon. Then again I’m sure he would have ended up on the DL with a victory or not, so I think we’ll pass on that bit of fiction. 4-0 Dbacks.
  • Jumped on the game day thread here only to discover EdBiggHead has hijacked said thread with obscure geo-political rants. This is why I love
  • Just realized I have no idea if Goldy will be in the HR Derby or not next week. Do we even want him to be? The world wonders.

Drink 3: Johnnie Walker Blue Label served neat

  • Yes, I am super fancy on this night, and this is a super fancy scotch. Nectar of the gods, and I’ll be sure to have a cigar with it later tonight. A fine scotch such as this, coincidentally, goes very well with excellent Dbacks games. Still 4-0 Dbacks and the Dbacks own the tone and the pace of the game.
  • Greinke’s night is likely over after throwing an excellent 7 innings of no-run ball. I pray I don’t have to see Rodney tonight.......
  • The Dbacks must have heard me with the score now 6-0 after two insurance runs in the 8th.
  • McERA (as EdBiggHead calls him) has not quite calmed my closer-anxiety here in the 9th. As I type this the one base runner with no outs turns in to a 2run blast by Vatto 6-2 Dbacks as the chill of winter creeps back in...........
  • The chill wind now turning in to a light gale at this point with Barrett now alowing a second HR after McERA’s exit, followed by a infield single. Wish I had some dragon glass for those white walkers that must be near.
  • ...Then there was Rodney. That same Rodney who betrayed us in a Red Wedding-esque inning last night. May the Seven protect us.........
  • Despite his best effort, we win!!!!! Night all!!!!!!!

Bells and whistles, by Jim

We were actually at the game, and had a blast. It was nice of the D-backs to turn Chase Field into Vaes Dothrak by turning the air-conditioning off. Or perhaps it was just me. See Twitter for pics of me, SnakePit and her dragons, the Iron Throne and the (varying successful) attempts to morph various D-backs players into Game of Thrones characters. Oh, and Taijuan Walker bobblehead acquired, natch. Onwards.

Click here for details, at
Robb Stark: Zack Greinke, +33.6%
Ned Stark: Brandon Drury, +18.%
Joffrey: Gregor Blanco, -8.3%

To be found in the Gameday Thread were: AzDbackfanInDc, BenSharp, BobDolio, Cumulus Choir, DORRITO, DeadManG, Fangdango, GuruB, Jackwriter, Keegan Thompson, Makakilo, Michael McDermott, MrMrrbi, PaulGoldsmith, SongBird, Steven M. Taylor, Turambar, aldma, asteroid, edbigghead, hotclaws, onedotfive and smartplays. A five-way tie of comments with three recs as I scan the thread. Hmm... To which one shall I bestow the fourth rec and the turning of the Sedona Red? Let’s go with Steven’s celebration of the greatness which is Goldschmidt.

Tomorrow, it’s the same two sides, with tonight’s bobblehead honoree, Taijuan Walker, starting for the D-backs, and a 7:10pm start, in the penultimate game before the All-Star break. Let’s make it two in a row.