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Winter is coming... To Chase Field, tomorrow night.

Of course, with a forecast high of 117 F on Friday, it’s a very, very loose definition of “Winter”.

Yes, tomorrow night is a date which has been circled on our calendar for quite some time. There aren’t many promotional nights which get both myself and Mrs. SnakePit interested, but I must confess, virtually as soon as this one was announced, we bought our tickets - Mrs. S even got herself her own GoT T-shirt for the occasion. The bobblehead looks really cool, and a chance to sit on an “official” Iron Throne? Hell, I’ve never even sat on an unofficial Iron Throne. The nearest is probably the head chair in the local Masonic Lodge in the Scottish town where I grew up, but I’ll save that story for another time. :)

Anyway, according to the D-backs: “Throughout the game, fans can expect to see several in-game integrations and promotions centered on Game of Thrones as well as highlights from past seasons and exclusive clips from the upcoming season. The Team Shop will also have exclusive D-backs Game of Thrones themed merchandise, including caps, T-shirts, House banners and more.” I’m curious to see how this will work. Most “highlights” I seem to recall are not the kind of thing which a family audience would want to see on the Jumbotron at Chase. Though personally, I would thoroughly enjoy seeing the Red Wedding or Khaleesi coming out of the flames, 46 foot high.

Anyway, not missing a beat, the team has released a promo video for the event. If you don’t know Game of Thrones, what’s below will likely fly way over your head, but trust me: I laughed like a drain.

Game of Thrones Night on Friday

Game of Thrones fever is taking over at Chase Field. #GOTMLB

Posted by Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday, July 6, 2017