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Snake Bytes 7/6: D-backs Blanked

Unable to support Zack Godley’s strong outing, the Diamondbacks look to avoid getting swept in L.A. tonight.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Arizona 0, Dodgers 1

In a game that required a big hit when given the rare opportunity to score, the Diamondbacks could not pull through. A strong pitching effort was wasted, however the D-backs have proved they can hold up against the best in the National League. These are the types of games we can expect in the playoffs and the Diamondbacks need to learn how to scrape out a couple runs in these affairs.

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Umpire Struggles with Strike Zone

It is hard enough for the Diamondbacks to score runs against high quality left-handed pitching. Near impossible with some of these calls. During our weekly round table discussion I made a joke about robot umpires. I'm not laughing now and might be changing my mind in the near future.

De La Rose Brings More Than Just Success Out of Bullpen

Jorge De La Rosa has made a successful transition late in his career to the Diamondbacks bullpen. He has been a leader in the bullpen that his teammates respect.

Are the D-backs Better Without Yasmany Tomas?

Should the Diamondbacks keep Yasmany Tomas in the minors? At The Pit, many say yes and few defend him. If healthy, could he have helped the team going against a Dodger trifecta of left-handed pitching? Despite his flaws, he does hit home runs and running into a mistake could be the difference between winning and losing in a low scoring game.

Diamondbacks Avoiding Double Plays

The Diamondbacks have managed to be the second best team this season at avoiding double plays On average, teams will hit more ground balls with runners on base than when the bases are empty (pitchers like Brad Ziegler try to induce double plays). The Diamondbacks actually hit 2.5% fewer grounders with runners on base. They also benefit being a strong base running team and hit relatively few singles compared to extra-base hits that keep runners out of double play situations.

Around MLB

Fireworks All Summer Long

Lots of home runs being hit this year. Many teams having pitching staffs suffering through the carnage. Yet somehow the D-Backs pitching is vastly improved. Even if balls are juiced, a Zack Godley curveball is still hard to hit.

Midseason Risers and Fallers

A look at the league and changing projections at the midseason mark. The Diamondbacks are up to having a 99.5% chance to make the playoffs this year.

Justin Turner Leads Final Vote Count Ending Today

The Dodgers have organized quite the vote gathering operation. It pains me to say it, but Justin Turner belongs in the All-Star game.

On a personal note:

This is my first attempt to author the Snake Bytes page on The Pit. If I miss a juicy story about our beloved Diamondbacks, please call me out on it in a fairly sensitive way. Long before I became a member, I was an avid reader. I always appreciated the informative, insightful, and entertaining content produced by our editors, staff, and members. I am convinced that our readers are the best-informed Diamondbacks fans on the planet. Even if we are prone to the occasional bout of overreaction. It has been a pleasure to follow this site over the years, even if it is directly responsible for me becoming less productive at work. I hope to meet all of our lofty expectations.