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Uniform Tracker: July

Uniform combinations and their records won’t you?

Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

So hopefully you spent all of last month BUYING PRODUCTS. Here is the spreadsheet of the various uniform combinations and their wins and losses and all that jazz since the last time I posted one of these.


Uniform Type Wins Losses
Uniform Type Wins Losses
Home/Snake/Black 9 2
Away/Snake/Black 7 10
Home/Teal/Black 10 7
Away/Teal/Black 10 3
Home/Red/Snake 6 3
Home/Red/Red 1 0
Home/Black/Black 4 4
Away/Red/Black 0 5
Away/Black/Black 4 0
Throwback Thursdays 4 1
Away/Black/Snake 0 2
Holiday Home 2 2
Holiday Road 2 4

The usual brief analysis.

  • Both Teal combinations hit the 10-win mark. That’s good!
  • The standard away uniform hit the 10-loss mark. That’s bad!
  • I had to double check this, but the Diamondbacks only wore the standard home with the red gradient once this past month. There was only one Monday home game. (This is, of course, not counting the All-Star Game)
  • But yeah, isn’t it weird that the Diamondbacks, if we’re just basing this by usage, wore an alternate uniform to the ASG?
  • Fourth of July Weekend (though not Fourth of July itself) was kind to the Diamondbacks, so the Home Holidays finish the season at .500, but the road unis finish under.
  • By this time next month I should be able to tell you which uniforms J.D. Martinez has and hasn’t homered in, as he’ll get a chance to play in most of the other combinations.