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Let’s Play a Game: Community Research

Brooks Baseball isn’t working so let’s have some fun

Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

So I was going to write a post about Patrick Corbin. I looked up some things earlier, noticed a few things. and started thinking out my post for today. However, between now and then, the following things have transpired:

  1. I have become intoxicated
  2. Brooks Baseball’s charts have disappeared
  3. I like beer

Unfortunately, I kind of really wanted to use Brooks Baseball’s charts in today’s post. And now I’m tired and don’t want to sit in front of my computer anymore. Plus my friends want me to drink more beer with them.

So I’m gonna make you do your own research!

(Note: this may completely backfire and no one will do this on their own)

My thought process is this: maybe some of you might enjoy trying to see trends and figure out some of these patterns on your own. Something something the student teaches the teacher.

I have some links. I’m going to post them, give some general advice, and send you own your way, like my dad regrettably did when I left for college. And unlike my dad, I’m not letting you crash here when you’re broke and hungry. Not that Indiana is worth coming to (it’s not, except for the beer).

So let’s start!

Link 1: Over the last 7 games, Patrick Corbin has been great!

3.04 ERA? 2.76 FIP? 3.02 xFIP? That’s not the 2017 Patrick Corbin that I’m used to. Those K and BB rates are sexy and like no home runs either? WTF is going on?

Link 2: Batted ball stuff

Hmm, what kind of things do I want to see here? What types of batted balls is Corbin getting? How hard are they being hit? How do they compare with his seasonal average?

Link 3: Hmm

Hmm something stands out here

Link 4: Pitch Mix is always a good time

What has Corbin been doing over these last six games that he wasn’t doing previously? Pro-tip, sometimes changing things around, like the “time” axis makes trends much easier to see, or something.

Link 5: Putting it all together

Based off what we learned in link 4, what can we conclude here?

I apologize in advance for my drunken laziness, but I felt like mixing it up this week since Brooks Baseball is being mean to me. Assuming all goes well, I will follow up with a post tomorrow about what I had seen earlier.

Note: we are simply looking for an explanation for what is driving Corbin’s 7 game hot streak. We’re not necessarily looking to see if this will continue (those are the next steps) in this exercise.

If you feel like having some fun, go through my links and post your results below in the comments! If I see no comments tomorrow, I’m going to assume you’re as lazy and/or intoxicated as me.